Organophosphates and ME 
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 Organophosphates and ME

A little while ago I posted a question about organophosphate exposure
and ME. As a thank you to those who have responded, here's where we are
so far.

Gulf war syndrome is, in this case, a red herring. Soldiers have been
exposed to a much wider{*filter*}tail of {*filter*} and vaccines than the patient
I am looking to help.

There have been reports of ME clusters in areas of high organophosphate
usage and I am looking for more data on these.

Yet, although it seems easy to pin the blame on organophosphates, it is
not that easy. There's a mixed response to exposure, some get total
paralysis in small areas due to neuronal degeneration - which doesn't
match the rapidly oscillating symptoms of ME. I'm now looking into the
long term effects of chronic exposure to organophosphates in cases where
there is little or no neuronal cell death.

There's too much info to post to the group, but if you're interested,
please e-mail me and I'll keep you up-to-date, as best I can.

Neil Williams MRPharmS
http://www.***.com/ ./~psnlprog

Mon, 23 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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