Ambien does not work for me 
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 Ambien does not work for me

I was prescribed Ambien to help me to sleep, I haven't been able to
sleep well for months. I should mention that I was a heavy
benzodiazepine user and now I'm almost fully recovered: have no
withdrawals during the day
and 1 Klonopin a day makes my body work almost perfectly. Ambien
worked right for the, say, first 4 nights. Now it simply doesn't work.
Tonight I have taken 3 pills 10 mg each and feel no sleepy. I know I
shouldn't use Ambien for more than 10 days, that is quite clear to me,
but why it doesn't work no more? I know that both benzos and zolpidem
have to do with GABA, is there a relation then?

I also suffer from depression. I'm currently taking 75 mg a day of
amitriptyline and 800 mg of carbamazepine. I feel *very* depressed
now, maybe because I don't have a job and debts are accumulating.

I'm on my 7th day on Ambien and wish I could sleep well for the
remaining 3 days I know I have left. Any help will be appreciated.

Wed, 07 Jan 2004 08:06:54 GMT
 Ambien does not work for me
1.  insomnia is a side effect of depression
2. depression can be caused by insomnia.
3. there are many causes of insomnia
3. If you are still depressed and not sleeping it is time to see a doctor
4.  If you are not seeing a psychiatrist (who specialize in prescribing
medications for these conditions make an appointment.
5. If you are currently seeing a psychiatrist let him know that you are both
depressed and not sleeping.  There are a slew of medications which can be
used to treat both conditions (and are not benzos). Probably time to switch.
6. Often insomnia is perpetuated by poor sleep habits.  While you are at the
doctor find out about proper sleep hygiene.

Thu, 08 Jan 2004 06:17:15 GMT
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