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 New Software for RPh's

New software for RPh's:

For 15 years Pricing Systems has increased Rx margins in more
than 1,000 independent pharmacies across the US.  This year we
have completed our latest offering, a software package that allows
online claims processing for Pharmacy Clinical Services.  Electronic
claims take the place of ALL paperwork previously required for
ALL government and private insurance carriers.  

Pharmacy Clinical Services include those services related to
Disease State Management (e.g. for patients with Asthma, Diabetes,
Hyperlipidemia and Hypertension), as well as procedures related to
medical equipment and supplies (including fitting, training and
education), and {*filter*} tests (i.e. {*filter*} Pressure, Cholesterol and
Glucose).  Claims can also be submitted for the actual DME and
HME sold, as well as Rx's.  These services should not be confused
with Cognitive Services, those procedures directly tied to an Rx,
and billed to prescription card plans.  Typical fees for Cognitive
Services may range from $8 to $15, while claims for Clinical Services
can typically range from $25 to $100+ (averaging about $140/hour).
It should be noted that Medicare will NOT reimburse for claims on
services, but will cover most DME and HME claims, under part B.

Claims are submitted electronically to a nationally-known service
bureau, and in most cases, a patient's eligibility (coverages,
deductibles, co-payments, etc.) can be checked online, in real-time.
The process uses industry-standard coding, which is fully loaded
into the software, so no practical knowledge of coding is needed.  
These code protocols (for both diagnoses and procedures) are entered
into a patient's claim record with just a click, as is the information
regarding the referring MD and insuror.  Versions of the software are
available for Windows 3.1 and Windows 95, and are "true" Windows apps
programmed in C.

A related group of 8 programs is also available on CD-ROM, specifically
designed for patient education.  These programs feature full-motion,
interactive videos that deliver instructions in steps based on proven
disease treatment protocols.  Interactive video enjoys a five times
greater retention rate than printed materials, and can only enhance
the pharmacist's role in health care.  These CD-ROM programs require a
patient-accessible personal computer running Windows 3.1 or Windows 95.

Pharmacists can use this technology to increase margins while also
positioning their pharmacy as a Health Care Center, providing much
improved patient care.  Pharmacists are being reimbursed right now for
fitting, training, testing and patient education using our software and
the related materials we can provide.

To request additional information, please refer to the addresses listed
below.  Your name, address or phone # will not be sold or added to any
mailing lists or used for any other purpose.  


Dean W. Cains
Pricing Systems
19115 Calvin Lane
Lutz, FL  33549
(813) 949-8399 (evening calls are OK)

Sun, 07 Mar 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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