Inquisitions:From the "witches",to the "Jews",to "drug addicts" 
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 Inquisitions:From the "witches",to the "Jews",to "drug addicts"


> The article suggests that
> > > {*filter*}ion results from an increase in dopamine activity: "It is thought
> > > that all habit-forming {*filter*} affect the dopamine (DA) system in the brain
> > > either directly as DA agonists, or by enhancing DA release, or by acting
> > > on other neurons responding to different neurotransmitters, which synapse
> > > upon this DA system to activate it." The benzodiazepines are explicitly
> > > included in this explanation:

from Claude:

> The generality that dopamine is "the" "culprit" of "drug {*filter*}ion" is not a
> scientific problem but a socio-religious problem which arose in the extreme
> form of Protestantism cultivated in North-America.

> I doubt that bouddhist scientists,for example,would ever have invented this
> typically protestant notion of "drug" and "drug {*filter*}ion".

Tell me all about Buddhist science.

> Our judeo-christian societies have been very keen at Inquisition and trying
> to,authoritarily,control the mind and the behaviour of others.

But  all those Asians are living in unfettered liberty right now, huh.....


> As Dr Thomas Szasz nicely pointed in his book "The Manufacture of Madness" and
> Philosopher Michel Foucault in his many books on how human beings enjoy
> controlling other human beings,inquisitional behaviours are not extinct.

> Just think of an obvious example,in your type of society:President Clinton.

Dunno, maybe he thinks that{*filter*} should not be controlled, even though it is
imposing yourself on someone else. --Jane Doe #5


> The Spanish Inquisition tracked the devilry(diablerie)in a concept called
> "witch".

> The Nazi Inquisition tracked devilry in a concept called "Jew".

> The new "Drug Gestapo" is tracking devilry within the very fabric of our own
> synapses through a concept called the "drug {*filter*}" and a molecule called
> "dopamine".

"They're coming to take me away haha ......"


> All these behaviours are Inquisitions.The concept under scrutiny changes,but
> the behaviour stays the same through the centuries.

> All Inquisitions have tried to "eradicate" a devilry from the body or the
> mind of human beings.Past devilries have been the "witch",the "Jew",the "Gay"
> and the last one is the "drug {*filter*} + dopamine".

> Dopamine is one of the MOST IMPORTANT molecule in our brain because it serves
> the purpose to stimulate:

> Action
> Motivations
> Our desire of Freedom

Then why is it that drug heads, as a rule, can't get anything done????   There are
a few exceptions, but imagine how much they could get done if they were not on
{*filter*}??  Then there is the set of those who are self medicating their mental


> Without dopamine,never we could maintain our structure because we would lose
> motivation.We would stop acting in exoreality and become zombies.

> Attacking dopamine is like trying to lobotomise people because dopamine is the
> ESSENCE of an animal WILL to fight for SURVIVAL.

Attacking dopamine......  "and I'll be happy to see those nice young men in their
clean white shirts..."


> Dopamine IS the molecule of survival.

> So the new Gestapo against dopamine is a highly politically sensitive subject
> because controlling,by law,dopamine is just,simply stated,CONTROLLING THE
> SURVIVAL INSTINCT of we,human beings.

> The Dopamine Inquisitors are the most dangerous Inquisitors ever because,if
> they succeeded in their monstruous quest,it would mean that mankind would be
> dispossed of this very molecule which induces Resistance to Tyranny.

> No external self-proclaimed "authority" has the right to manipulate our
> dopamine activity.

> This is a basic freedom which ought to be put in the Declaration of the Rights
> of Man.

Problem is that so many types of drug heads impinge upon the rights of others and
their pursuit of happiness, especially when they pick the types of {*filter*} that
enhance behavior problems.  And like Bubba Bill, they are too self centered to
realize this or care about it.

Hoosier Pharmer,
standing in for Atilla the Hun ;-)

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 Inquisitions:From the "witches",to the "Jews",to "drug addicts"
(To certain people: Stoned loooong ...
Likley with spelling and maybe word and other mistakes. For the Tom
Schulers: Parts are not serious, including the one about what to study
for psychiatry.)

(German: Und wenn se nicht gestorben sind, dann schreiben se noch
heute... ;-)

>> The generality that dopamine is "the" "culprit" of "drug {*filter*}ion" is not a
>> scientific problem but a socio-religious problem which arose in the extreme
>> form of Protestantism cultivated in North-America.

Well being stoned might be bad spelling time but good RE time.

{*filter*} has not been invented yesterday nor many other {*filter*}.

However many cultures are having ceremonies in their religion, not
that much freedom for their members nor ways to get at that many
druggs, and in some quite some cultures {*filter*} are part of the religion
or of certain ceremonies.

While some people might smoke cigarettes without even paying attention
to that they do, I heard that for Red Indians it used to be a
ceremonial drug.

When raising young people to be a lot alone, when turning {*filter*} not
taking them up into the dult system but barring them from the {*filter*}
world, not teaching {*filter*} well, not teaching transcending and how to
use the magic senses, not needing to do many activities where many
{*filter*} would weaken too much and not having interesting {*filter*} much in
ceremonies that I beblieve to have a lot to do with it.

There are also many places here with people {*filter*}ed to {*filter*}, thogh
{*filter*} from what I hearad tended to hold the records concerning
{*filter*}ed people and according deaths.

In the Netherlands, Switzerland and many other places also many {*filter*}
are taken. And I do not know about Asia and many other places,
and in some places I do  not exclude that there are not many taking
that many {*filter*} because they do not have they money, nature or other
means to get at them.

However within the USA a difference might be that it is Red Indian
conquered land or what might also be called {*filter*}land.

The cultures there were destroyed to a vast extent,
and the ones coming there were often of {*filter*}, sense censoring

There is little harmony with the land, and stability has not grown as
long as in many other places.

There I had serious problems understanding the cultural systems,
and different to other places I lacked guidelines.

Often people would not say anything at all and just look odd,
to then eventually  detonate in some uncontructive form, and not even
interested why maybe one perceived some different or that one was used
to different customs and did not know all of theirs.

While in Sudan for example a man came to me and asked me in a kind way
why I ate in Ramadan.
And he did listen to the reply, which was a question if he ate when
Christians had their time of fasting. He pondered that and said no and
grinned, assuming that I was Christian, and then it was O.K. that I
ate and we chatted about other stuff.

I encountered a lot of tolerance, openness and hospitality in Sudan,
many of different tribes seeming quite advanced in their inner culture
to me.

While in the USA I met a pretty low tolerance, closed-mindedness, and
high aggressions.

I also noticed that the USA are the only place ever discriminating
against me because in their question thingie they asked among
questions along the line of different of having done evils stuff, if
you are mentally or physical handicapped and I made a nice little X
there, and at some point they then even went physically {*filter*}, and
bragged about that they can do anything they want to people as they
aer outside all borders and all laws and that I therefore can not do a
single phonecall and call the embassy as I wanted,
and I got confirmed from someone else that that is so, and later also
read Amnesty Internations reports about the police in the USA.

For me it is one of the most {*filter*} places that I have been to.

And seriously the only place I ever recall discriminating against me
for being MBD or even being interested if I am.

A few others wanted to know if I have enough money to{*filter*}out the
other side of the place and not come in to leech, and the Israel
occupiers of Palestinian land, for me also the Realm of Barbed Wire,
even wanted around 40 shekel so that I could get out of the place,
else I would have had to stay.

Maybe if there was more living in natural harmony
and there'd be more peace made and the cultures woul appreciate each
other more who share land, it might make a difference.

In the USA I also noticed that travelling other places seemed pretty
low compared here to Europe.

Which I found rather strange, as it did just seem to take to learn one
language and not that much money comparaed to some travelling prices
within Europe to get all the way down to Fireland and meet so many
cultures and so much fascinating magic knowledge.

And drug education seemed real low in the USA, at least in the time
when I was there. There did not seem much serious interest in the
education system for a half-way decent drug education.

I also notice that in this room here, which makes me believe that drug
education also in advanced levels can't be far.

Some of the potentials of some of the most powerful sense enhancers
are not understood.
Four of the best {*filter*} I know within mental healing seem not
understood in their potential, and instead I read horrible stuff about
drugging people several days in a row or even longer, about mixing
{*filter*} for days in a row or longer, about dangerous destabilizing and
potential killer {*filter*} like prozac still being in use as if the long
list of deaths that were caused with it were not sufficient yet,
and about totally gross stuff like people who messed up in healing,
then drugged others for days in a row or longer messing up natural
balances they did not even understand, in the end crowning their
inability with causing damages to the frontal lobes (!!!) up to
epileptic overload on top of all the damages that they left with

But I guess some places get what they deserve.

>> I doubt that bouddhist scientists,for example,would ever have invented this
>> typically protestant notion of "drug" and "drug {*filter*}ion".
>Tell me all about Buddhist science.

I am not sure if there is there is that much to tell and not a lot to
learn oneself.

Maybe I am babbling nonsense, but in some story I read Siddhartha was
some rich family's son and got bored and then went out seeking,
imitating the style of life of different extremists.

But he did not know what he was seeking, and so it was hard for him to
becomne content.

However he gathered a lot of knowledge.

In the story I read that might have been pretty wrong he found peace
working with a ferry man working at a river.

He is said to have reached enlightenment.

Enlightenment by many is valued as one of THE ways to gain knowledge,
In order to understand Buddhist scire, I guess that it is very
improtant to understand enlightenment.

If you have reached enlightenment, why should you take many {*filter*}?

With many {*filter*} might that not spoil part of it?

Also the aims within Buddhism to me seemed to be to become a Buddha.

Maybe if it were not Christianity, Titlel-ianity, but orientations
would be to have the energy powers of Jesus, help blind people to see
or "see", heal, try to love or do love others like oneself, and so on,
and when getting far there reaching the acknowledged title Christ that
would make things different for some as well.

>> Our judeo-christian societies have been very keen at Inquisition

I did not hear that the Jews were participating in the Inquisition.
Also there are very different Christian branches.
You might be generalizing a lot.

>>and trying to,authoritarily,control the mind and the behaviour of others.

Let me guess, in China, Korea, Russia and many Arab and other places
such would be unthinkable?

To be more precise nearly anywhere where the Homo SAPIENS is?

>> on how human beings enjoy
>> controlling other human beings,inquisitional behaviours are not extinct.

You seem to use third emotion generator programs as if they were part
of the Inquisition.

The other way around sounds more correct to me.

People did not try to dominate other people just since the Vatican
started Inquisition {*filter*}s and forbade to use the senses part of
which Jesus used, to make themselves seem of some god.

>> The Spanish Inquisition tracked the devilry(diablerie)in a concept called
>> "witch".

>> The Nazi Inquisition tracked devilry in a concept called "Jew".

You are confusing  a few thingies here.

Merseburgische Zaubersprueche: ... thu bigol in  Freya...
Thu bigol in Wotan, wola here konda....

Those of the religion before here in the legends are said to have left
in the new priests of Jesus with quite some tolerance as here in the
lands where Mondays is carrying moon in the name there were many gods,
and one or some more or less might have even been there due to
regional differences already, so that did not matter that much.

Here the preachers of the religion before where said to be like
shamans, the magic researcher, physical and mental healer, and
religious leader of the tribe, the equivalent of todays university
back then.

They were said to have gotten far enough in magic, that if you killed
them because they did not leave off the old gods and did not
force-convert to the new, that  if you did not burn them that some had
the power to take you along.

The terms Second Face and Third Eye I heard were not just used here
but so many other  places,  that  they did not sound like recent but
like old skills.

Also magically moving around on objects and telepathic animal  contact
are mentioned so often in tales, though I do not know if they really
got that far.

I heard, that Jewish people here due to old law could not become
members of the guilds, but had access to money jobs that at times were
not liked, so that ...

read more »

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