Accolate and Gastric reflux meds 
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 Accolate and Gastric reflux meds

  I have GERD that is aggravating my asthma.I'm on Cisapride 20 mg bid,
Pantoloc 40 mg OD,Pulimort 400 ug qid, and Ventolin  q4h prn. My
allergist wants me to try Accolate to get the asthma under control.The
drug has been approved for use in Canada and there is a study she wants
me to become involved in.Since Accolate has been used longer in the U.S.
I would like to know what interactions are there with the GI reflux
meds.Cisapride is one of the meds that should not be combined with
Accolate. What are the reasons and rationale for this?My asthma needs to
be under control yet I am quite hesitant in adding another potent
chemical to my body.

Roseanne Jung

Fri, 16 Jun 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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