Provera for bleeding cervical polyps? 
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 Provera for bleeding cervical polyps?

Is there any reason to begin taking Provera for irregular menstrual bleeding
believed to be caused from visible cervical polyps? The bleeding has
occurred for four months. Pap Smear is normal. An ultrasound indicates no
fibroids. I am 43 and not menopausal according to {*filter*}work. I read the PDR
and see the side effect of depression for Provera, which is a serious part
of my recent medical history. I have also read that polyps that bleed should
simply be removed. My Gyn says that they are not "allowed" to do the surgery
without first trying the medical treatment, even though I am very fearful of
returning depression. Is there any protocol for this hormone treatment?
Thank you so much for any feedback.

Sat, 07 Oct 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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