Macular Degeneration, Procyanidin-95 (PC-95) from France. 
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 Macular Degeneration, Procyanidin-95 (PC-95) from France.

Hello Steve,
I am wondering if "Procyanidin-95. is anything like Pycnogenol?  
Pycnogenol is an extract of Pine bark in the health">food stores.
There is a guy named Bill Sardi, out of Los Angelos California,
he is highly praised from a radio Program called "Heres to your
Health" out of Tampa Florida.   He is very knowledgeable about
Vitamin supplements for the Health of the Eyes, and Macular Degeneration
How is the Ocuvite working in stabilizing the Optic Nerve?
My Brother suffers from Optic Nerve Trauma leaving him blind in both
eyes.  He needs something to keep his Optic Nerves from degenerating.
Hope this helps you.


> My father is suffering from Macular Degeneration (a disease of the eye).
> Recently, a friend recommended a substance imported from France called
> "Procyanidin-95."  It is supposedly an extract from grape seeds that
> acts as a "free radical scavenger."  Does anyone have any info
> or comments upon this?  He's already taking Ocuvite in order to slow
> the progression of his vision loss, and is reluctant to take something
> that may be of either no use, or dangerous.  His opthomologist has
> never even heard of the stuff.

Fri, 27 Nov 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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