bacitracin - any production knowledge? 
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 bacitracin - any production knowledge?

Hello.  I am a chemical engineering major at Columbia University.  For
our senior project, we are to design an entire chemical engineering
plant.  Due to my intense interest in the pharmaceutical industry, my
first choice would be to design a plant for the production of
bacitracin.  However, I have noticed that it is nearly impossible to
find useful literature on process design and production.

I was hoping to obtain literature on the production of bacitracin.  Of
course, I understand that most information is confidential.  However,
keep in mind:
1) I have already found one flowsheet, so in addition to or in place
of any information on HOW to produce Bacitracin, we are more need of
simple information on the typical annual production levels of a
typical plant and any other information on operation parameters
(reactor types, etc); and
2) that I only require information for a viable process, even if that
process is not in use at all.  (The point is to take a project from
start to finish, not to actually design a contemporary plant which
uses the absolute latest technology.)

If you cannot provide me with any information that you may
have on hand, perhaps you could at least help us in terms of
references in the public domain.  

My partner and I have been spending weeks researching the topic, but
we were hoping that someone in the industry could help us research
more efficiently at least.

Thanks in advance for your time,

Ernest Yakob

Thu, 17 Aug 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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