Request for Information for a Drug Information System 
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 Request for Information for a Drug Information System

  Temple University School of Dentistry
  Department of Dental Informatics

Temple University School of Dentistry is planning to implement
a school-wide drug database system. The system will provide
students, staff and faculty with access to up-to-date information and
services include retrieval of specific drug information, cross-indexed
references to all {*filter*}, and prescription processing. The system
should support the process of patient care, and to a lesser extent,
teaching and research. The School of Dentistry views an electronically
stored and periodically updated drug database as a component of the
Computer Based {*filter*}Health Record (our in-house developed Clinical
Management System), and as a component of our newly developed
Intranet. The system optimally will integrate with these other
software components.

Ultimately, the system will be used by over 60 faculty, 250 students,
and 50 staff members. However, the initial number of users will be
limited. Ease of use and intuitive functionality are paramount. The
system delivered will work in a multi-user, high transaction volume
environment in its full implementation. A large Windows NT server and
about 150 peripheral workstations, as well as a comprehensive
ethernet network, constitute the hardware environment.

All information relating to this RFI must be submitted no later than
December 15, 1996.

As a second phase, 3 vendors will be invited in early January 1997 to
present their products..

We look forward to receiving your response to the RFI.
This letter constitutes a request for information only.

Clinical uses:
 The primary purpose in applying a drug database system clinically is
 to integrate up-to-date  pharmacological and manufacturer's
 information into the treatment process. For clinical care, access to
 centrally and periodically updated information is essential. The
 organization of the drug database in a manner familiar to the
 practitioner is important. {*filter*} and reference information  should be
 organized in a hierarchical structure that follows the way {*filter*} are
 ordered to specific groups.  Output of prescriptions to hardcopy will
 be important for patient management. Patient education and
 information sheets should be available too.

Educational uses:
Pharmacological knowledge is an important part of the educational
aspect of our dental teaching. The system should support educational
functions.  For instance, an important educational objective for
students and patients is to combine specific drug data with patient
histories for early detection of possible side effects.

Computer Environment:

We have a crossplatform environment:
- PC compatible workstations run MS-Windows 3.1 or NT as the
 operating system
- Apple Macintosh computers currently run System 7.1/7.5.
 The Network is based on a Windows NT Server 4.0.

Drug database systems within the scope of this RFI have the following

They facilitate input, output, and management of prescriptions

They have a user-friendly interface. Long training sessions for
faculty and students should  not be necessary.

They display information after using via a variety of
indexes and cross-references for selection. A fast
search feature allows to speed up this process.

An semiannual or quarterly purges old {*filter*} and provides information
about new {*filter*}.. The data is  as reliable as possible and maintained
over the long term.

They support an installation on a  fileserver as an alternative to

The vendor offers  CD-Roms and print versions to students at  a

They system should be  available as a general drug database and as a
database customized for dentistry.

The information system should provide information about
abbreviations, measurements, comparative {*filter*}, drug interactions,
and infectious disease information.


Vendor response:

What fields are searchable for drug information retrieval?      
keyword(s) (please list) _____
subjects _____
drug type _____
boolean logic for searching _____
side effects _____
other: ______

Do you provide prescriptions and their print out?

Does your software support the following navigation tools?      
next drug _____
previous drug _____
jump to side effects _____
other navigation tools _____

Does your main database support the following storage media on the
hard drive ____
CD-ROM _________
other _______________

Do you provide printed documentation?                  
on-line help? ____
other __________________

Training and technical support  
What type of technical support do you provide?  
Hotline _____
pay per session ____
support for a particular length of time _____
other __________________

Do you provide training? If yes,

on-site? _____
included in system price? _____

Operating Environment:  
Does your software support the following platforms and operating
Mac system 7.x _____
Mac OS on Intel platforms _____
Windows 3.x _____
Windows NT 4.0 _____
Windows 95 _________

What database is drug information stored in?    
Oracle _____
Sybase SQL server _____
Microsoft SQL server _____
Other __________________

Networking and Communication    
What type of networking protocols does your software support?  
TCP/IP _____


Does the software support integration with other dental practice
software? if so how?

System Requirements    
Please specify the minimum system requirements for a work station      
CPU     __________________
RAM     __________________
space __________________
operating system
 peripheral devices __________________
special hardware __________________
other __________________

Please specify the minimum system requirements for the server  
CPU     __________________
RAM     __________________
hard disk space __________________
operating system        __________________
peripheral devices      __________________
special hardware        __________________
other __________________

Please specify your update policy      

Do you provide a World Wide Web interface for the system?

If not, in which stage is the planing process for this?


Heiko Spallek
Department of Dental Informatics
Temple University School of Dentistry
Tel.: 215-707 5593
Fax: 215-707 2802

Fri, 14 May 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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