Prozac/BuSpar/urinary retention 
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 Prozac/BuSpar/urinary retention

I took Prozac and BuSpar for 6 years, but stopped taking them when I
was in graduate school (chemistry) because they affected my memory
terribly.  This had always been a problem with them, but I put up with
it.  I couldn't tolerate it in grad school, so they had to go.  I'm a
guy, by the way.

The trouble is, most of the side effects remained!  I had an upset
stomache for sev'l wks after the meds should've cleared my system, and
I still cannot achieve {*filter*} without straining and I have the
darndest time urinating and keeping a stream.  I stopped the meds a
year ago.  Oftentimes, I think my bladder is empty, but when I zip up,
I end up urinating down my leg.  This isn't terribly funny, by the
way, and has been embarrassing.  It's taking me a long time to regain
my memory, which was the reason I stopped the meds.  I don't know what
to do, and am asking for your help.

I'm less concerned about the memory than about the urinary retention.
I'm still in grad school, and have been to the university clinic. No
one there really knew what to tell me.  They referred me to their
psychiatrist (I got to see him 3 people later), who said patients
who've stopped Prozac/BuSpar have lost their side effects.  In short,
I'm an exception!  He gave me the name of the local urologist, but for
the guys reading this, I'm not e{*filter*}d (excuse the bad pun) about
having a catheter threaded up my {*filter*}!  I don't have great insurance,
and the school's insurance won't cover a urologist anyway ($120 for
the lst visit, eeek!).  I'm up the creek in more ways than one!

If you recommend any herbs or medication, that would be great.  I"ll
check them out before seeing the school doctor to prescribe them to
me.  You'll be making my life so happy, you have no idea.

I've written to Eli Lilly, Bristol Myers Squibb, for anything they
could tell me.  I've been ignored.  I don't have all that much money
to see a specialist, so I'd be grateful if you knew anything that
could help.  THank you.

marc anthony

Thu, 21 Oct 2004 10:48:39 GMT
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