GREAT new Software for healthcare students 
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 GREAT new Software for healthcare students

Greetings Healthcare students!

Here is a software program you'll definitely want to check out!
It has everything from drug reference to a built-in word-processor with medical spellchecker!

You can down a FREE FULL-Functioning  preview version at
No strings or gimmicks.  It's shareware!  Got to love it.

Here is portion of what it has to offer:
1. An interactive drug reference on over 2000 medications
2. An interpretative diagnostic lab reference
3. A built-in Windows based word-processor with a medical spellchecker
4. Over 10,000 indexed primary literature reference titles (title, author, journal, year)
5. Over 2000 clinical review (board-review) questions on over 20 categories
6. A patient monitoring template
7. Import/export capabilities to download class notes directly to students!
8. and much more!

Take a look.  It's AWESOME!  

John V. Levon Pharm.D

Mon, 11 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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