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 [Fwd: Texas House Bill No. 1862

Texas pharmacists, please join us in support of this legislation. My
letter read as follows:

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Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 12:46:49 -0500
Local: Tues, May 15 2001 1:46 pm
Subject: HB 1862

I did better than call. I e-mailed the following through my Senator's
web site, as follows. He should get to read my full feelings on the

Dear Senator Bivins,

As a Texas resident and as a licensed Texas pharmacist (certificate no.
22099) currently practicing pharmacy in this state, I'm writing to urge
you to support passage of HB 1862, an act relating to the regulation and
prompt payment of healthcare providers under certain health benefit
plans, etc,  particularly regarding pharmacy claims. The bill would
require Texas prescription claims adjudicated electronically be paid for
within 21 days.  Failure to pay claims within the specified time period
requires notification to the pharmacy.

It is beyond my ken why the business of a pharmacist requires a special
law to be passed in order to receive timely payment. If I, as a
consumer, am in default of an agreement to pay, I am subject to
collection, followed perhaps by other legal action. But, in my 25 years
as a pharmacist, I have seen the profession of pharmacy treated as some
kind of ignorable intermediary, with its professional responsibility and
liability increasing geometrically at the same time that the business
respect afforded it is DIMINISHING geometrically. Why this is so boggles
my mind and the minds of my colleagues.

I urge you to vote 'yea' on HB 1862.


Paul Trusten, R.Ph.
3609 Caldera Blvd., Apt 122
Midland TX 79707-2872

Sun, 02 Nov 2003 02:43:38 GMT
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