Zoloft Initial Side-effects 
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 Zoloft Initial Side-effects

I just started on Zoloft on Thursday, August 8. I have had nausea and
fatigue, as well as memory 'drop out' and excessive sweating  which I
understand are part of the initial side effects until your body gets used
to the drug. However, I am going away on vacation in ten days and am
concerned that I might not be over the effects at that point. (I spent the
whole morning in bed today and still don't really feel up to going out).
So, do I continue and hope that my body adjusts or stop now and try it
again after I come back. Will divided doses help? (the Zoloft is in
capsules, not tablets) 50 mg/day.

Dave M.

"The only fish that are ever caught are the ones with their mouths open..."

Wed, 27 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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