I am ineligible for psychotherapy, which I am very much in need of at present 
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 I am ineligible for psychotherapy, which I am very much in need of at present

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>Date: 07/10/2000 8:23 PM EST

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>" If you think you've got it bad--visit some consumers in a public
>mental health center--"

>I have been a consumer at two different public mental health centers
>since 1971, and I am in complete agreement with you.

>At the center where I presently receive treatment there are only three
>pdocs treating a HUGE number of people, and they all three are
>'prescription factories'. I can only see my pdoc once every six weeks
>because of her huge caseload.

>She has repeatedly told me that she has no idea how to treat my
>refractory Bipolar I with mixed episodes. Every innovation in my
>treatment has been the result of my instigation, usually after a
>protracted period trying to convince the pdoc of the necessity for the

>All of the three pdocs at the center where I receive treatment are, in
>my opinion, morons who have never paid attention to their obligation to
>pursue continuing education.

>My first hospitalization for dysphoric mania was the result of a pdoc
>prescribing me an antidepressant which almost immediately caused me to
>start developing a mixed episode. Every time I went to see him and
>complained that I was feeling much worse he would increase the dosage of
>the antidepressant which was the source of the problem. After I was
>released from the hospital I was given the opportunity to see the
>Director of the center where I receive treatment, but, since I suffer
>from Avoidant Personality Disorder, I instead composed a letter to her
>in which I very clearly pointed out the errors that were made in my
>treatment, and as a result the doctor I had been seeing was forced into
>early retirement and my caseworker was fired. It is my opinion that the
>Director was terrified of a malpractice suit.

>I am allowed a pdoc and a Psychiatric Social Worker who is my
>'Caseworker', whose job it is solely to fill out the many forms required
>by the various agencies the center has dealings with.

>I am ineligible for psychotherapy, which I am very much in need of at
>present --- you either get a psychotherapist and no medication or a
>pdoc, medication and a caseworker.

>Community mental health care is a complete failure, and a great many
>people suffer as a result.


DSM IV is the fabrication upon which
psychiatry seeks acceptance by medicine
in general. Insiders know it is more
a political than scientific document.
To its credit it says so

--Loren R. Mosher, M.D.

Sat, 05 Feb 2005 04:20:22 GMT
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