Conference: Subacute Care Jan 25-26 San Francisco 
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 Conference: Subacute Care Jan 25-26 San Francisco

American Subacute Care Association
1440 Kennedy Causeway, Suite 421
North Bay Village Florida, 33141

Internet: http://www.***.com/

Subacute Leaders to Gather at ASCA in San Francisco Conference

Contact:        Mike Freedman, American Subacute Care Association, (305)
[MIAMI, FL.]? Subacute care leaders from throughout the nation will gather
for two days of important professional education and information at the
American Subacute Care Associations ASCA in San Francisco Conference,
January 24-25, 1996, at the San Francisco Airport Marriott Hotel. Topics
will include:  4th Generation Marketing to Managed Care, How to Gain a
Share of the Senior and Commercial Capitation Dollar while minimizing
risk, California's new Transitional Care Program, Developing AIDS Subacute
Care Programs, Wound Care 2000, Respiratory Care Update, Subacute Nursing
Update, Expert Advice on Developing Care Plans, Strategic Postacute
Partnering, Maximizing Physician Reimbur{*filter*}t, Legal Issues in Managed
Care and Internet Resources for Healthcare Professionals.  
        Continuing Medical Education units are available at all
conferences for Registered Nurses (RN), Certified Case Managers (CCM),
Certified Insurance Rehabilitation Specialist (CIRS), Certified
Rehabilitation Counselors (CRC), Nursing Home Administrators (NHA) and
        Advance registration for each conference is $200 for members and
$300 for non-members, including educational programs, conference meals,
conference book and an attendee list.  Limited conference sponsorships,
some including exhibit space, are also available.  Special discounted
rates are available for students and government employees.
        To register for the conference, contact ASCA at (305) 864-0396.
ASCA has arranged discounted hotel rates for each conference.  Discounted
airfare and car rental are available through ATI Travel at (800) 477-4402
from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. CST  Those calling from  Illinois, should call
312-644-6642 . The San Francisco Airport Marriott  offers a rate of
$109.00   Call  800-228-9290 to make reservations.


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