Treating bone cysts in children 
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 Treating bone cysts in children

>>A colleaguee of mine is interesting in current trend in bone

cyststraetment in children. She also asked what do you think about
of bonefos (sodium clodronate) in this area?>>

There is a medical device, called Osteoset, that is manufactured from
medical grade calcium sulfate.  The manufacturer is Wright Medical of
Arliington, TN.  It is cleared by the FDA for use in filling non-load
bearing bone voids in long bones.  Calcium sulfate has been in use in
orthopedics for over 100 years.  Dr. Leonard Peltier reported on his
extensive experience with the device in the 1960s.

Osteoset is osteoconductive, providing a matrix for bone to grow onto
and through.  One advantage is that Osteoset is gradually absorbed by
the body, and is totally absorbed within about three months.  A
prospective marketing study is showing good results.

Attention:  I have a financial interest in the company that makes this
product - I amnage their clinical trials.


Cliff R. Kline, II
Clinical Reseach Manager
Wright Medical
w-901 867 4719
h-901 382 2342

Ian D.{*filter*}ey, M.D.
McGill University
Faculty of Medicine, Division of Orthopaedics
Montral, Qubec, CANADA

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