!!!Need Help With Hives!!! 
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 !!!Need Help With Hives!!!


Date:      April 24, 1997
Subject:   Urgent request for Information and Medical Advice
           re Chronic and Delayed Pressure Urticaria (Hives),
           from possible complications of Common Variable
           Immune Deficiency (CVID) a/k/a Hypogammaglobulinemia
From:      Raymond L. Haddigan
           Boston, Massachusetts

This urgent request for information is being posted to this newsgroup
on behalf of Kim, a 30 year-old relative, who has been suffering with
chronic and debilitating episodes of Urticaria (hives) for the last year.

During the last six weeks, however, Kim's condition has deteriorated
even further, it has now become intolerable, and all attempts by her
physician to provide relief have been futile.

We understand that Urticaria is not a disease in of itself but a symptom
and, in this instance, it _may be_ a complication of a diagnosed case of
Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID), a/k/a Hypogammaglobulinemia.
But, it is also possible that the onset as well as the multiple and
intense daily episodes of the hives may be attributed to some other
condition which medical testing has not been able to isolate to date.

Kim recalls having a virus around the time the hives first appeared and
later, just prior to her CVID diagnosis, she contracted two infections.

While in a hospital, she was put on high dosage of steroids which did
have some effect but no one c~an stay on steroids for any length of time
and, especially, those with CVID risk severe complications we are told.

Kim has taken various prescribed {*filter*} which have had a positive effect
on certain symptoms of the CVID; however nothing, including one antihis-
tamine after another, has countered the incapacitating and constant hives.

Frustrated, she has undergone acupuncture, taken 24 herbal medicine pills,
taken six different antihistamines, and is now on a number of prescribed
medications to relieve stress, help her sleep, and is trying one drug
after another attempting of lessen the intensity and the itching of the
hives which, she believes, appear to worsen as menstruation approaches.

During the now multiple daily episodes, Kim's eyes swell shut, her lips
swell to three times their normal size, her feet swell, the itching is
severe, and she is unable to engage in any physical activity.

Her continual and worsening condition is having a serious psychological
impact on the woman.  She is severely depressed and her parents are quite
concerned by their daughter's present `hopeless' outlook and what the
future will bring should she not be able to obtain relief fairly soon.

We are all attempting to better understand Urticaria and it's causes
and to learn of any effective medical, alternative approaches, or even
home remedies which might bring Kim some relief from the constant
swelling and itching.  She has tried several topical commercial solutions,
even those in which pepper is the main ingredient, all without success.

We have resigned ourselves to the fact that the problem is very difficult
to treat and has the potential to persist for years.  In fact, Kim was
told by one doctor, a specialist, that she has one of the worst cases he
has ever seen, that his own mother has had Urticaria for years-although
to a much lesser degree-, and he has not been able to even help her.

But, we have to try, so it would be greatly appreciated if those suffering
from this problem, or may have some reliable, constructive information of
a nature that would help this woman, could take a few moments of their time
to kindly respond.  We would be interested in your advice and suggestions,
any information concerning your history of hives and their intensity-
whether CVID related or not, how have you have coped with the problem, and
what treatment or remedies have helped you keeping in mind the additional
complications of CVID and depression which rule out using certain {*filter*}.

We sincerely appreciate your having taken the time to read this post and
thank you in advance for whatever information you may be able to provide.

                                               Ray Haddigan

Wed, 13 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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