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I was doing a series of in-services for the night shift when a code was
called in MICU.  I went over to assist in the code.  It was a 17 year
old male with leukemia, and was now in MSOF.  About 10 minutes later,
the  ER doctor came up to pronounce an old man in CCU.  The old man was
admitted with complete heart block, CVA, and had not spoken in several
years, ever since his first stroke. His family decided earlier that day
that they didn't want anything more done.   Because the code in MICU
was still going on, we didn't wrap the body or take off the
electrodes.  Finally about 30 minutes later, they called the code in
MICU.  It was at that moment that the heart rate monitor in for the
dead man in CCU starts to beep--NSR at a rate of 70.  By morning the
old man was speaking and able to move his affected side.  The old man
did say he was not who people thought he was but he was discharged from
the hospital to an ICF.

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