Short Course: Applied Ergonomics in Manufacturing Environment 
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 Short Course: Applied Ergonomics in Manufacturing Environment

The Oregon Graduate Institute of Science & Technology
Portland, Oregon
offers the following quality short course designed for those who are
responsible for safety and ergonomics programs within their company.

Applied Ergonomics for a Manufacturing Environment

Musculoskeletal disorders are the leading cause of occupational illness,
causing pain and lost productivity for millions of workers.This course is
concerned with the practical application of basic ergonomic principles.
The emphasis is on skills that course participants can take back to their
workplaces and use to create successful, proactive ergonomics programs.
The course format will be lectures interspered with case studies and small
group problem-solving exercises.  The principles taught in the course will
benefit anyone with responsibilities for occupational ergonomics, however
examples will be drawn primarily from the manufacturing environment,
including: manual material handling, assembly work, high technology
industries, and offices.  A special emphasis will be placed on identifying
ergonomic risk factors to the back and upper extremities.

€  Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTDs)
   -Common terminology
   -Cause and treatment
   -Pros and cons of back belts and wrist
€  Defining Ergonomics Risk Factors
   -The seven most common risk factors
    identified in the work setting
   -Overview of NIOSH 1991 Lifting
€  Introduction to three job evaluation
   -Tektronix Manufacturing evaluation
   -DGI 7-step job analysis
   -OSHA Ergonomic Risk Factors
€  Breakout Sessions
   -Small group "hands on" exercise to
    gain experience in the three different
    evaluation processes
€  Managing injured employees
   -Early intervention reporting
   -Early return-to-work options
   -Defining "light duty"
€  Workstation and Tool Design Guidelines
€  Wrap-up; Questions and Answers  


Course Number: 1785
Dates/Times:   Tuesday, January 16, 1996
Instructors:   Mary Davidson
               Billy Gibbons
Location:      Old Main, Admin.Bldg.
               Oregon Graduate Institute of Science & Technology
               20000 NW Walker Road, Beaverton, Oregon
Course Fee:    $295 (includes course instruction, materials,      
               break refreshments and lunches)

A complete course outline is available by printed copy or via the world
wide web. Call (503) 690-1219 to request printed copy to be mailed to you;
look at our home page: http://www.***.com/

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