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 Wanted: Internet Case Studies


The University of Arizona College of Medicine Administration has asked me
to provide some documentation of cost savings resulting _directly_ as the
result of implementing or using Ethernet connectivity.

What  I would like to produce for them is a collection of one-page plain
English success stories, case reports.  I would be very happy for you to
send information on more than one topic, but one topic per page, so that
there is no confusion or blending between topics.  Please leave out all
mention of hubs, routers, bridges and gateways or any other technical
mumbo-jumbo. The idea is to provide something the "bean counters" (no
offense intended ;-) can read and immediately grasp.  I guess that means
that each case study would include an estimate of the dollars/year saved.
 Basically, the idea is; send me a topic, tell how was the problem was
solved before, how is it solved using Ethernet/Internet, and, how much
money was saved.  Please include a contact name and your
University/College or business affiliation.

Here are a few topics that are of interest to me.  Please feel free to
add any others that I have not though about.  Also, send questions if you
need for me to refine this request. I will post the collective responses.
 Thanks in advance.

Bob Reinking
Calendar/Scheduling applications-
Specifically, tools that work across the Internet.  Can someone provide
documentation about how much time and money was saved comparing the
telephone method (for example) with an Ethernet solution?

Information gathering tools (databases, client/server stuff, etc.)-
I don't really care what tool (I don't even need the name) is used, but I
am interested to know how it saved money.  Business managers want to have
good, solid data to make decisions.  Can you provide an example of a
situation that resulted in a good decision being made, using Ethernet,
that could not have otherwise been made?  Or made rapidly enough to have
had an impact.  How much money did it save?

Grants that succeeded because of an Internet connection-
How about a case report of a high dollar grant that was obtained because
of Internet access?  

Collaboration with peers-
Anyone know of a case where successful research was done using the
Internet, that could not have been done by modem?  Or by snail mail.

Medical consultations-
Can anyone provide a case study of a patient who was correct diagnosed or
treated successfully _because_ of an Internet connection to a medical
peer?  Any lives saved?  Any lower costs incurred?

Library access-
Does this save money?  Can you doucment that fact?

Computer hardware/software purchase decisions-
Can anyone document a real savings in purchase cost that resulted
_directly_ from Internet access?

Reprint requests, abstract service-
Any money saved here?  Any grants scored because of quick access, etc.

Can anyone think of other issues where cost savings have been
demonstrated because of Ethernet/Internet?

Wed, 08 May 1996 23:12:28 GMT
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