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I just returned from Honduras where I found out a very interesting fact. I
have been told that in the late 1930s an US expedition into the Mosquito
Coast area took place. As far as I have been told, it was an initiative of the
Smithsonian Institute (American Native Cultures?) looking for a pre Maya
culture who already had a capital city called "ciudad blanca" the white city.
The expedition guided by native indios was successfull and the city had been
found. The city area was described as extraordonary big, with temples,
observatories, etc.. Unfortunately this all happened under big time pressure
(beginning of world war II). So the members of the research team didnt have a
lot of time. The culture they described had a very high standard in doing
artworks and architecture (compareable to Maya standard). one of their gods
was described as a mixture between human and ape. - Human body and ape head -

When the team returned to the Mosquito Coast area after world war II, they
unfortunately were not able to find the city again. The Mosquito Coast area is
not a very pleasant area. It covers about 1/3 of the Honduranian territory
and is uninhabited (except some indio tribes we know little about).

Friends of mine and I as well have been shown artifacts and status(Jade) which
are definately not Maya. Now there is again a small German expidition to start
in a few month, searching for the city. If it turns out that it is no fairy
tale and the CIUDAD BLANCA really exists, it will be the sensation.

My question is, wether anybody heard of it before, or could give me some more
detail information about the american expidition in the late 30s

Thank you

Sun, 23 Feb 1997 01:06:54 GMT
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