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(This column by Ed Conrad appeared in the Hazleton (Pa.) Standard-
Speaker newspaper on March 31, 2002 -- Easter Sunday morning. The
favorable response from readers was incredible, to put it mildly. You,
too, might want to give it
a try.)
< =================
It's Easter morning -- Happy Easter, Everyone! -- and what a great
morning to touch on a subject that's very, very close to your heart..
Your Guardian Angel!
You've heard mention of Guardian Angels for years and years --
associated with different religions (naturally), in movies, in books,
on TV -- but few folks, I'm sure, have really given serious thought
that they HAVE a Guardian Angel.
(For sure, the God-denying atheists and evolutionists.)
Nevertheless, most folks undoubtedly figure it's nothing more than the
figment of some religion zealot's imagination -- and perhaps a bit of
wishful thinking.
But, based on a novel experiment conducted right here at the Standard-
Speaker, it appears that the reality of Guardian Angels is more than
we could ever imagine.
For example, it appears that our Guardian Angels can communicate with
us -- letting us know his or her name.
Still a skeptic, huh? Then read on . . .
It all began about 10 years ago when my late mother visited the Shrine
of Our Lady of Czestohowa near Doylestown, Pa.
Upon returning home, Mom e{*filter*}dly revealed that she had met an
Italian woman -- a senior citizen like herself -- and they clicked
During one of their numerous conversations, the woman asked my
mother:"Anna, what's your Guardian Angel's name?"
My mother was flabbergasted, shocked at the question, for which she
obviously had no answer.
The woman then explained that everyone can learn the name of his or
her Guardian Angel simply by asking, then instructed my mother:
"Before you fall asleep tonight, just say, 'Guardian Angel, I know
you're with me all the time but I don't know your name. Please let me
know your name.' "
Simple! And perhaps a bit far-fetched. Still, my mother tried it.
The next day, Mom enthusiastically phoned to tell me she had learned
that her Guardian Angel's name is Noel. She said the name was solidly
embedded in her head as soon as she woke up.
Rather skeptical that it would work for me, I attempted the same
experiment myself that very night. Lo and behold, I awoke the next
morning with the name "Gerard" ringing in my ears, even though that
name was the furthest from my mind.
Well, that might've well been the end of the story -- but it wasn't!
About two weeks ago -- after 10 long years -- I casually mentioned the
incident in the Standard-Speaker newsroom when the subject of Guardian
Angels came up and, I admit, my story undoubtedly sounded quite hokey
to those listening.
But the next morning, Annette Rusnock, the newspaper's editorial
librarian, was wearing a broad smile when she strolled into the news
room and proudly announced to everyone that she had tried the
"experiment" to get her Guardian Angel's name and awoke "with
Isabella, Isabella, Isabella."
"Hmmm!" said Rosella Walker, who works near her. "I'm going to try it
Rosella did and came in the next morning happily revealing that it had
worked for her as well, getting the name Gertrude.
"And, the thing is, I don't know ANY Gertrude's," Rosella said. "The
only Gertrude I know is Gertrude's Chocolates (a candy company)."
Well, strange things kept happening in the newspaper building.
Joanna Marsicano of the classified advertising department tried it and
happily revealed that her Guardian Angel's name also was Isabella.
She said when she saw her name in large, bright lights when she woke
up, the last letter "a" in Isabella kept flashing and flashing,
emphasizing that the "a" is to be pronounced.
"Just like I'm not Joann but JoannA, my Guardian Angel undoubtedly
wanted me to be sure I knew her name was IsabellA and not Isabell,"
she remarked.
"To learn I have a Guardian Angel and, especially, to know her name
has made me very happy," said Joanna. "It really made my day."
Mark Katchur, a staff writer, said he wanted to know if he could also
get his Guardian Angel's name and said he awoke knowing positively it
is Daniel.
Joanne Suglia, also from classified department, tried it and beamed
while telling everyone that she earned her guardian angel's name is
As the story circulated throughout the building, Lois Ann Hall and
Nadine Kubilus of the business office, Kathy Breznik and Al Danko of
the advertising department, and Vicki Gennaro of the newsroom all
tried it as well -- and enthusiastically said it worked!
Lois Ann e{*filter*}dly said she had requested the name of her Guardian
Angel when she went to bed.
"But I awoke about 6:30 the next morning and was sort of disappointed
that nothing happened," she said. "But I laid down again and fell
asleep and, when I got up, the name Marjorie was "everywhere."
Kathy said she was afraid to try the experiment but, when about to
fall asleep one night last week, finally did so. She awoke with the
name Michael indelibly impressed upon her.
Danko couldn't believe it when he tried the experiment and learned his
Guardian Angel's name is Justin.
Vicki said her question also had been answered when she awoke with a
name ringing in her ears. At first, she admitted she was reluctant to
reveal it because it was so unusual but then -- eventually -- told the
newsroom staff the name she came up with was Azriel.
The latest to attempt the experiment and discover it really works was
George Fetchko of the composing room.
He tried it and learned his Guardian Angel's name is Adam.
The experiment has worked in the majority of cases but, to be
perfectly honest, it didn't work for two or three people and the
answer escapes us. Perhaps these folks hadn't placed their request
with sincerity.
One last word: These are sound, sensible people who have held
responsible positions, most for many, many years. There is no reason
they'd be lying or be part of any type of con job.
You, too, are invited to learn your Guardian Angel's name, and your
belief -- or disbelief -- in an existence beyond our physical realm
appears to have nothing whatsoever to do with it.
"Ask and you shall receive," a Very Wise Man once said.
In the case of learning the name of your Guardian Angel, apparently
George Fetchko, who got his Guardian Angel's name, had attended the
wake of a relative a few nights after the above column appeared in the
"It seemed everyone at the wake was huddling around me, asking me how
I did it," he sheepishly admitted at work the next morning.
It -- and countless letters and e-mails from readers who performed the
experiment and succeeded -- prompted me to write a follow-up column
which began . . .
"George Fetchko attended a wake
the other night and was astounded
that he was MORE POPULAR than
the corpse."
"GOOD GOD!" -- Boy, You Certainly Can Say THAT Again!
The following God-fearing folks have Twittered or
e-mailed to say  they have tried the experiment
-- with a great deal of skepticism -- but happily report
Rush Limbaugh
Roseanna Roseannadanna
Merrill {*filter*}
GWB, Crawford, Texas (name withheld by request)
Richard (Don't Call ME a{*filter*}) Cheney
Genghis Khan
Milton Romney
University of Kentucky basketball team
Roger Ailes
Saddam Hussein
Billo Reilly
Joe McGinniss
Ann "Douche Bag" Coulter
Tokyo Rose
The Presley Twins -- Elvis and Enos
Papa John's Pizza
Sean "Ins" Hannity
G. Willikers
The Darwin great-great grandkids
Matthew, Mark, Luke and Jack
Richard Dawkins
Michael "Mike" Jackson
Lady Gaga
U.S.A. Coroners Union
Karl Rove
Donnie Trump
Red Ryder
Muammar Muhammad al-Gaddaf
Wall Street Industrial Averages
Smithsonian Institution
John Q. Pubic
McDonald's Happy Meal
Penn State University
60 Minutes
Residents of Bayonne, N.J.
Harvard University
Immanuel Velikovsky
Judas Iscariot
David Iain Greig and The Boys at talk.origin
Johns Hopkins University
Andy and Mickey Rooney (no relation)
University of California-Berkeley
Al Einstein
Al Qaeda Al-Qaeda al-Qaida al-Qa'ida
American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Philip Morris
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Sheriff Jim Dangle -- Reno 911 Police Dept.
American Association of Anatomists
Joe Stalin
American Anthropological Association
Father Guido Sarducci
Mother Teresa
Sonia of Operation Repo
The Grim Reaper
Lee Harvey Oswald
Jack Kevorkian
Michael Moore
Jeff Rense
Fox News cameramen on 911
St. Atus Quo
President Obama
Jeffrey Dahmer
Reddy Kilowatt
Julian Assange
The Good Shepherd
Silas Mariner
Benjamin "Benny" Hill
American Journal of Physical Anthropology
Woody Allen
Entire St. Louis Cardinals baseball team & Mascot
American Medical Association
Zinkag 41 (Autonomus Unit Zinkag 41, brood assemblage Delta 64)
American Museum of Natural History
American Civil Liberties Union ACLU
Popeye and Olive Oil
American Society for Investigative Pathology
The Smithsonian Institution
Betty Furness
American Society of Human Genetics
Geological Society of America
L'Osservatore Romano
Paleontological Research Institute (PRI)
Billy Graham
Federation of American Scientists
Science Nature Omni Penthouse magazines
Smithsonian Custodial Employees (Local 666)
Sarah Falin
New England Journal of Medicine
Paul PZ Myers University of Minnesota
Michelle Malkin
Geraldo Rivera
The Good Samaritan
Pope Benedict XVI c/o The Vatican
Stephen Hawking
The Girls at Mustang Ranch
The Three Wise Men
Sen. John Boner
The Estate of the Leakey ...

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