case studies needed for a book on bone density 
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 case studies needed for a book on bone density

I'm working on a book on osteoporosis prevention (for a general audience) to
be published early next year, and I need to talk to some people willing to
share their own stories. I'm particularly looking for people who have seen
positive change between two bone density scans -- I want to tell readers
your secret of success! This book has both mainstream and "alternative"
strategies, and I'm also very interested to hear from anyone who has treated
low bone density with diet, exercise, and supplements, or other
"complementary" tactics. If you're willing to contribute (your name will be
changed unless you want to use it), please respond.

Fri, 19 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT
 case studies needed for a book on bone density


>I'm working on a book on osteoporosis prevention (for a general audience) to
>be published early next year,

Are you planning to point out that undiagnosed celiac disease (it's 90-95%
undiagnosed in North America) is a big cause of osteoporosis? At least a
cause of the severe cases.

Here is a selected citation:

Lindh, et. al. "Screening for antibodies against gliadin in patients with
osteoporosis". JOURNAL OF INTERNAL MEDICINE. vol. 231, pages 403-406, 1992
12% of the study group was shown to have elevated IgA anti-gliadin
antibodies. 3% proved to have celiac disease. This is a startlingly high
number, in view of the Swedish incidence in the general population being
less than 1/10 th of that percentage.

For more information on gluten intolerance this page points to most Net

  The Gluten-Free Page:

Don (donwiss at panix com).

Sat, 20 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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