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 Sciencelinks - THE mailing list for science buffs

        I am pleased to announce the creation of a mailing list called
'sciencelinks'. It is a service where scientists, news organisations and
anyone with an interest in science can get the latest information - via
web site links - on research, news and homepages pertaining to the
scientific establishment.
        Messages are delivered straight to your mailbox, from the host
        Please note, however, 'sciencelinks' is NOT a discussion list.
It is a collection of hyperlinks and URLs to allow you to keep
up-to-date with all areas of scientific study. Anyone who has used a
search engine will know how good they are - but they do not always give
you exactly what you are looking for. It is hoped fellow subscribers can
help each other to find the pages they require.
     After only a month of operating, there are now nearly 200
subscribers, so join now for the best science sites on the web. Please
click on the link below to subscribe to 'sciencelinks'.

Thank you.


For the latest links to science-related web sites
visit:   http://www.***.com/

Sun, 07 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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