Vote NO to removal of SCI.CHEM newsgroups 
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 Vote NO to removal of SCI.CHEM newsgroups


> Thus, I support the proposal to rename sci.chem to sci.chem.misc.

Not surprising since you are a current member of Usenet Group-Advice
and, in that capacity, a strong proponent of renaming parent
newsgroups, as well as being the author of the current RFD which
calls for removal/renaming of the parent newsgroup  :-)

Your renaming rationale seems far from convincing, being speculative
in its objectives and rather lacking in substance and credibility.  

> I have set followups to news.groups, where any further discussion
> of this issue really belongs, as I am sure most sci.chem readers
> are not very interested...

Really ?  I think perhaps sci.chem readers may be far more
interested than you give them credit for.

Actually we are now, in theory, out of the discussion stage and
into the voting and campaigning stage but inevitably comment will
continue.  Incidentally during the discussion phase there was
scarcely any discussion in news.groups on this important proposal on
sci.chem and I suspect that many readers never even sighted the RFD
( Request for Discussion ) or even knew of the proposal.  

It is now the voting which remains, as always, the most important
part of the whole process. It is up to the sci.chem readership to
defend their newsgroup if they wish it to survive.  
At least we do have the vote, so use it or lose it :-)

re: newsgroup

> Here is my article (posted to in the thread marked
> " -->") rebutting his assertions

Sorry but your message in has still not appeared at my
access site. This was the first I knew of it. What date was it
posted ?  There have been several satellite and cable outages which
result in loss of news.


Tue, 28 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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