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Mark  Obesity, Fitness & Wellness Week, Nov 17, 2001 p18
Dr. Atkins' Diet Undergoes Major Revision.
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2001 NOV 17 - ( & -- In response to an urgent
need for a nutritional approach to stem the tide of the ever-growing
obesity and diabetes epidemics, an updated edition of Dr. Atkins' New
Diet Revolution is soon to be released.

The new book will redefine the Atkins Nutritional Approach and will
incorporate a comprehensive review of recent controlled carbohydrate
scientific research, including the latest findings from the scientific

"This new book will set the record straight about controlled
carbohydrate nutrition," said Dr. Robert C. Atkins. "With the low-fat
strategy clearly not addressing the needs of the American public,
increasing numbers of experts are beginning to consider that properly
controlling carbohydrates will provide the opportunity to effectively
correct obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic diseases.
The time has come to accept the fact that carbohydrates are the real
culprit behind these epidemics, not fat.

"The new edition will unveil the four principles upon which the Atkins
Nutritional Approach is and has always been based, and will explain
the science, both old and new, that supports these principles," Atkins
continued. "We will provide Americans, both health care professionals
and the general public, with the confidence that the Atkins
Nutritional Approach is a safe and effective tool that simply has not
been understood."

The Atkins Nutritional Principles are categorized under weight loss,
weight maintenance, good health, and disease prevention and the book
will explore the reasons the Atkins Nutritional Approach is effective
in each of these areas. More than 130 studies and journal articles
were reviewed in connection with this updated edition. The new book
reflects this comprehensive review by providing specific findings that
can be applied to understanding the Atkins Nutritional Approach. These
findings support its safety and efficacy and its effectiveness in the
management and prevention of obesity-related diseases.

Included in the book will be:

* New scientific perspectives from research conducted at Duke
University and Ball State University.

* Studies supporting the safety and efficacy of controlled
carbohydrate nutrition from journals including: American Journal of
Clinical Nutrition, Lancet, Journal of Adolescent Health, and
International Journal of Obesity.

* Recent research that demonstrates the positive effects of the Atkins
Nutritional Approach, including the ability for Atkins followers to
eat more calories and still lose weight - and be healthy.

* A thorough discussion of the metabolic advantage created by doing
Atkins as well as the benefits of lipolysis and the secondary process
of ketosis - and the scientific evidence that demonstrates that
burning fat for energy is perfectly normal and healthy.

* Studies that demonstrate that there are cardiovascular benefits
associated with doing Atkins and following the Atkins Nutritional

* Disease prevention benefits of the Atkins Nutritional Approach
including its positive effects on gastrointestinal disorders,
diabetes, cancer, and hypertension.

"There is no question that the evidence presented in this new edition
supports the use of the Atkins Nutritional Approach as an essential
weapon in the war against the twin epidemics of obesity and diabetes,"
stressed Atkins.

One-third of this latest revision will be entirely new material
including the following highlights:

* New information on how to use the Atkins Nutritional Approach safely
and properly

* A new jump-start program (including meal plans) to help consumers
who like to follow a strict regimen

* A new chapter on exercise recommendations

* Tips on how to bust through weight-loss plateaus

* How to survive eating in the real world

* Brand new controlled carbohydrate recipes

* Understanding the psychology of weight loss

This article was prepared by Obesity, Fitness & Wellness Week editors
from staff and other reports

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