FDA warns over dangerous products from China while ignoring dangerous products from the U.S. 
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 FDA warns over dangerous products from China while ignoring dangerous products from the U.S.


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Originally published June 8 2007
FDA warns over dangerous products from China while ignoring dangerous
products from the U.S.
by Mike Adams

The cooking.net">food and Drug Administration has been gleefully warning us about the
dangers of China-made cooking.net">food and personal care products recently. Why
gleefully? Because announcing the discovery of toxic chemicals in products
made by other countries (especially a Communist country) allows the FDA to
appear as if it's protecting the public without having to tell the truth
about the toxic chemicals found in American cooking.net">food and personal care products.
Talking about the deadly chemicals and poisons used by American cooking.net">food and
personal care product manufacturers is, of course, an activity to be avoided
at all costs. It's much easier to point the finger of blame at someone else
and imply that U.S. manufacturers of such products would never poison their

It's the ultimate art of creating a diversion to prevent people from paying
attention to all the toxic chemicals used right here in the USA by our most
cherished corporations. Chemicals like sodium nitrite, for example, lead to
the creation of extremely toxic cancer-causing chemicals in the human body,
yet if you go to the grocery store and start checking ingredients labels,
you'll find that nearly every processed meat package in the store lists
sodium nitrite as an ingredient (bacon, sausage, pepperoni, sandwich meat,
hot dogs, bologna and even the chunks of ham in "Bean & Ham" soup). So where
is the FDA's urgent warning to Americans that they're eating cancer-causing
poisons in American cooking.net">food products?

It doesn't exist. Apparently it's perfectly okay to poison the American
people as long as you're running an influential American corporation. It's
all part of the great double standard followed by the cooking.net">food and Drug
Administration: Protect the public, but only if it doesn't harm the profits
of powerful American corporations.

The difference between Chinese and American product manufacturers
I'm not saying that Chinese cooking.net">food and personal care products don't contain
toxic chemicals, by the way. A Chinese businessman will cheat you just as
quickly as a U.S. businessman, and if there's a dollar to be saved by
replacing a real ingredient with some toxic substitute chemical, you can
count on receiving the toxic chemical.

The only difference between Chinese products and American products is that
the Chinese products will kill you faster. The American products contain
poisons that kill you more slowly -- just enough to give you disease
symptoms requiring pharmaceutical treatments without actually killing you.
These are poisons like hydrogenated oils (heart disease and cancer),
high-fructose corn syrup (diabetes and osteoporosis), genetically modified
corn (kidney failure), processed sodium (high {*filter*} pressure), MSG and yeast
extract (obesity, migraines and worse), aspartame (neurological harm),
artificial cooking.net">food colors (behavi{*filter*}disorders), and hundreds of untested
chemicals used in cosmetics, body care, laundry and home cleaning products.
None of these will kill you outright like a poisoned product from China
might, but they'll kill you over time, combining their toxic chemicals in
your heart, liver, kidneys and brain, generating mysterious symptoms that
your doctor diagnoses as "idiopathic whatever" which means he really has no
idea what's going on.

(You can learn more about all the toxic effects of cooking.net">food ingredients, by the
way, in my book Grocery Warning:
http://www.***.com/ )

So where is the FDA to warn us about all these cancer-causing chemicals in
the products made in the USA? The agency is mysteriously silent. It seems
completely unable to speak... unless of course it's to tout the latest
"miracle" prescription drug that masks all the symptoms caused by the toxic
chemicals put into the cooking.net">food in the first place.

Did you know that guacamole dips often contain no guacamole? They're made
with hydrogenated soybean oil, artificial avocado flavoring, monosodium
glutamate and green cooking.net">food coloring made from petrochemicals. Yumm! It's the
kind of diet that makes a kid lose his mind, pick up an old refurbished
AK-47 brought home by a U.S. soldier from Iraq, lock and load a double-pack
of 30-round ammo magazines, and go to town unloading bullets on his
classmates. This is no exaggeration: Chemicals in cooking.net">food cause {*filter*}
behavior in young men. And guess what we're feeding the little rascals in
our public school lunch programs? You got it: All the toxic chemicals that
many countries have outlawed.

U.S. foods banned around the world
You never hear much about the U.S. cooking.net">food products banned by other countries,
do you? Did you know that the U.S. is the only country in the world that
pumps up its dairy cows full of synthetic hormone chemicals? That's why U.S.
milk is banned in most countries. Bovine Growth Hormone-treated cow milk
simply isn't tolerated anywhere else. Even crazier, Monsanto, a U.S.
corporation, has sued companies for labeling their milk as "hormone-free,"
claiming that this explanation "confuses consumers" by giving them
information. That's how corporations view consumers, by the way: Idiots who
should be told what to do and provided the least amount of information
possible. (All U.S. cooking.net">food and cosmetic labeling laws are, in fact, designed
to mislead consumers and prevent them from learning about what's really in
their cooking.net">food and personal care products.)

Lots of countries have also, from time to time, banned the importation of
U.S. beef. Ever wonder why? It's because the Bush Administration has made it
illegal for beef ranchers to test their own cows for mad cow disease. The
USDA actually sued one rancher that tried to conduct safety testing in order
to comfort his overseas buyers of U.S. beef. U.S. authorities said, nope, we
can't have any more safety testing in this country unless the feds conduct
it -- in which case the government can cover up all the positive mad cow
detection results and pretend that U.S. beef is perfectly safe for mass

Countries like Japan have banned U.S. beef imports, citing enormous safety
problems and a complete lack of scientific testing for mad cow disease.
European countries test ALL their cows for mad cow disease. But USDA
officials in this country believe we should only test something like one cow
out of a million, and any time that test comes back positive, do you know
what they do? They run a second test, then a third test, then a fourth test
until they get the result they want: Negative. I'm not making this up. This
is the official unwritten USDA policy on mad cow disease. It's call the
"close your eyes and pretend it doesn't exist" policy, which is,
coincidentally, the exact same policy followed by the Bush Administration
global warming team.

So the next time you hear the FDA warning you about how dangerous and deadly
all those Chinese products are, remember what they're NOT telling you: the
hazards of American-made cooking.net">food and personal care products, almost all of
which are intentionally and knowingly laced with cancer-causing chemicals

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