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 question on cholesterol

had a physical recently, i found out my cholesterol was >350 for some
reason.  that was the result of a fast of about 9 hours.
the doc ordered a lipid analysis, and fasting about 11 hours,
the total cholesterol was 365, LDL was at 265, HDL was at 79, and
triglycerides was at 74.  now this seems odd.

could someone comment on the variations of cholesterol during a normal
24hour period?  how much variation does HDL levels undergo during a 24
hour period? what about LDL?  and how much impact does diet have on
LDL in a time span of, let's say, three months?

my "exercise" consists of walking, at a speedy clip hovering around
3.5mph for maybe 20miles/week, my diet isn't very healthy for the past
several months (that is why i asked about diet), and the doc says i'm
somewhat underweight. everything else is normal, liver, glucose,

Wed, 31 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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