beta carotene carcinogenicity? 
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 beta carotene carcinogenicity?

Moses Clark has good advice.  There are hundreds of caroteneoids, perhaps a
dozen or two studied for health benefits.  Most of them are antioxidants, and
are implicated in  numerous experiments for cancer reduction, as well as heart
disease prevention.  Yes, eat many and a wide variation of veggies.  Dark
green, yellow, orange, red, these are colors that should be eating every day.
Lycopene (the red in tomatos), lutein (broccoli, greens, spinach),  and alpha
carotene(carrots) are all  anticarcinogenic.   A large beta supliment it is
hypothesized, may displace some of the other carotinoids, or reduce their
uptake.  Better to have a balance of all these beneficial phytochemicals, by
eating food.  This insures that you get all the carotenoids, regardless if they
have been studied and included in a pill.


>should taking ample amounts of ascorbic acid, vitamin e as mixed tocopherols,

selenium at200
micrograms and the rest of the herd. If you take a carotene supplement, takeone
that containing the range carotenoids not just beta carotene. And you should
be eating your vegetables and not be eating at McBSE's, E. Coli in a Box,

Fri, 19 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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