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>Dear Depressed,

>There is no scientific studies that prove vitamins are
>helpful in  relieving stress.  Since you are not eating
>very much and are underweight  taking a multi vitamin
>mineral supplement once per day may indeed be  
>beneficial (not to relieve stress however).  The B
>vitamins are water  soluble but this does not mean they
>are nontoxic.  Mega doses of vitamin  B6 have caused
>severe peripheral problems in women who took mega doses
>to  help with depression and menstrual symptoms.

>Marie Farrar, Registered Dietitian, PhD candidate

Dear Depressed and Marie,

I disagree. And Marie is just plain wrong. The works of Abraham
Hoffer, MD, PhD, a pioneer in nutritional medicine who
published research papers 40 years ago that described the
effects of certain vitamins on altered brain chemistry, has
been rediscovered and followed recently by an international
leader and lecturer in human ,
biochemistry, Jeffrey Bland, PhD. Dr. Bland is a major player
in the development of the field of functional medicine. He
recently published an aricle, fully documented, entitled "A
Functional Approach To Mental Illness: A New Paradigm For
Managing Brain Biochemical Disturbances. Townsend Letter For
Doctors, #137, December, 1994, pages 1335-1341. This is a
reprint from the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, based upon
a presentation to the Canadian Schizophrenic Association.

Certain vitamins and minerals for part of the treatment of
"stress", properly applied on a planned, responsible,
individual dose-response curve (megadose of anything may result
in the down-side of a dose-response curve) should be part of
any treatment strategy. A competent provider, using a
functional neurobiochemical approach, is going to take the
time, patiently, to develop these curves for each nutrient used
to correct previously altered neurobiochemical function.

From the Cutting edge,

Queens, NYC (718) 460-3966,American Academy of Anti-Aging
Medicine, National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, American
Aging Association, American Academy of Clinical Gerontology,
International Association of Biomedical Gerontology  

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