what is holistic? 
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 what is holistic?

Yes, I can give you a definition of holistic!

First, a definition of "heal" and "health":
to make whole; healing is the unity of our physical body and our trinity of
mind power reaching the perfect state of balance and equality; health - from
the root word 'heal' as our condition of physical, mental, and emotion balance
as equal energy.

This is a quote from the glossary of Kathy Oddenino's fifth book, Healing
Ourself:  Growing Beyond the True Cause of Disease.  As to "what proof is
available to its utility,"  here is another ...
Because of this knowledge I have gained from Kathy's books and classes I now
realize that nutrition (chemical balance) is the basis of our chemical
consciousness and without understanding our biological needs and how to support
ourself physically, mentally, and emotionally, we will never understand who we
are as a "whole".

Kathy's web site is http://www.***.com/ -- take a look!

Margaret Martin

Sat, 02 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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