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 Gut permeability - Hormones

Hello all,

I've got multiple sclerosis since many years now, which I totaly control by
alimentation and supplementation with the help of the information and
principles that can be found on http://www.***.com/

But I'm not here to advertise anything. Those principles are based on a
leaky gut and non-optimal vitamin D {*filter*} level, being two of the main
causes of MS. I strongly believe in this, for the leaky gut though.

Recently, I've had my TSH tested: 3.80
My MD told me everything was find but I asked for a copy of the result just
to look by myself. Looking further into this aspect, I realised it's in
fact elevated. According to Dr Mercola ( http://www.***.com/ ) and to the
American Association or Clinical Endocrinology
( http://www.***.com/ ) 3.80 is out of normal range.

This made me search about hypothyroidism which link to stress and then to
cortisol, hormones in general, vitamin D3 (which I've been tested very low:
36 nmol/l. Still normal for my MD!) and again in leaky gut.

But the information I've found aren't good and pertinent enough. I've make
some research in the news groups too and often found this group in my

Being someone having chronic stress (moderate social anxiety) and feeling
life as permanently "critical", what I'd like to know is:

1- Where can I find good information on the Internet or in books about the
effect of chronic stress on:
  a) thyroid and adrenal glands function,
  b) cortisol and other streroids hormones
  c) hydroxyvitamin D3,
  d) gut permeability?
2- Did you heard about these connections? Could you explain or give me an
abstract of the inter-relations between each others? Could be all linked

Thank you very much for your support and time.


Thu, 13 Oct 2005 05:04:27 GMT
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