diabetic nueropathy 
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 diabetic nueropathy

Below is a medline search abstract showing patient improvement in
polyneuropathy by taking a combination vitamin (drug?) called:
(Neurotrat forte).  While te dosages were left to the individual
physcians, it would be of interest as to the composition of
this vitamin (drug?).  

The article is in German, so it would be some leg work to get
a translation, even if I had the full article.

My inquiry was with reference to: vitamins AND Neuropathies[MESH].
Any information would be welcome.  


TW Morey


Fortschr Med 1992 Oct 20;110(29):544-548

[Therapy of neuropathies with a vitamin B combination. Symptomatic
treatment of painful diseases of the peripheral nervous system with a
combination preparation of thiamine, pyridoxine and cyanocobalamin].

[Article in German]

Eckert M, Schejbal P

St. Marienhospital, Lunen.

STUDY DESIGN: In an open, multicentric observational study involving
234 doctors in private practice, the evolution of
symptoms and the tolerability of a vitamin B preparation
(Neurotrat forte) used as treatment in 1,149 patients with
polyneuropathy, neuralgia, radiculopathy and neuritis associated
with pain and paresthesias, were observed. The form of
administration (ampoules, dragees), dosage and duration
of treatment were left to the individual care-providing physician.
The target symptoms evaluated were intensity of pain, muscle
weakness affecting the legs, and paresthesia. RESULTS: Under
treatment, there was a clear improvement in these symptoms.
At a second examination approximately three weeks after
initiation of treatment, a positive effect on pain in particular
was observed in 69% of the cases. Similar observations were also
made for paresthesias and muscular weakness in the legs.

Publication Types:

     Clinical trial
     Multicenter study

PMID: 1330858, UI: 93051919

Fri, 25 Aug 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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