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 Metabolife 356

I'm looking for information on Metabolife 356. Do anyone have
any experience with this? Is it safe? Thanks.

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Sun, 14 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT
 Metabolife 356


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>I'm looking for information on Metabolife 356. Do anyone have
>any experience with this? Is it safe? Thanks.

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I found some interesting info on this subject at the Washington Post web
site.Perhaps this will help answer your questions? <<  Stimulant Propels Diet
Herbal Coalition Fights FDA's Proposed Safety Regulation
By Charles R. Babcock
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, May 24, 1999; Page A01

Michael J. Ellis, a 46-year-old San Diego businessman, is the brains behind a
weight-loss product advertised as the No. 1 herbal dietary supplement in
America. Retail sales for his privately held company, Metabolife International,
soared from less than $2 million in 1996 to $600 million last year.

Ellis has become wealthy selling a product that shares a key ingredient with a
drug that got him arrested 10 years ago. He was busted for running a
methamphetamine lab in a house not far from his new $2 million home in
exclusive Rancho Santa Fe. Back then, Ellis and his friends used ephedrine to
make meth, a highly {*filter*}ive illegal street drug. Today he uses ephedrine to
make Metabolife 356, the core of his diet empire.

Ten years ago, Ellis was in court fighting the government on his drug case.
Today, he threatens to take the government to court if they get in the way of
his ephedrine business. He is president of an industry coalition that has
managed so far to block federal regulators seeking to limit ephedrine products
because of safety concerns.

Ellis's story illustrates the difficulties federal agencies have in dealing
with chemical substances that have many different uses. It also shows how a
threatened industry can use a high-powered campaign of lobbying and political
giving to stymie government agencies charged with protecting the public from
substances that might be unsafe.

"It's a Catch-22 for the government," said Don Martin, a Drug Enforcement
Administration agent in San Diego. "While ephedrine can be used for absolutely
hideous things, like meth, it also can be used for absolutely wonderful

Ephedrine is a stimulant that is found in nature and also can be made
synthetically. It has been used in asthma medicines for years, but recently its
popularity has soared as entrepreneurs like Ellis have packaged it with
caffeine as an energy booster and a diet aid.

Since the ephedrine in Metabolife 356 comes from the ephedra plant, also known
as the Chinese herb ma huang, Ellis can market his product as an all-natural
diet supplement. Such supplements are considered "foods" and not "{*filter*}" under
a 1994 law and thus are not required to get FDA approval for safety or efficacy
before they are marketed. Instead the law shifted the burden of proving a
dietary supplement unsafe to the regulators.

Reports of hundreds of adverse reactions and at least 38 deaths -- some
overdoses -- associated with ephedrine-based products have alarmed FDA and
regulators in many states. In 1996, the FDA warned that ephedrine "is an
amphetamine-like stimulant" that can damage the nervous system and heart. In
June of 1997, the FDA proposed a rule that would place severe limits on how
much ephedrine a supplement could contain and how long it could be used. Ellis
said the rule would "virtually eliminate" his business.

Last fall, the DEA also proposed tighter controls on ephedrine because of
concerns it is being diverted to make methamphetamine. DEA agents have reported
finding ephedrine-based diet supplements in raids on meth labs, a claim the
industry disputes.

Ellis and other members of his coalition charge that the FDA has not properly
documented the reported health problems, which they contend are relatively few
compared to the billions of servings people take annually.

"They're [FDA officials] trying to deal with an issue they can't put in a
pigeon hole," Ellis said of the dispute.

Some doctors and regulators see the issue as that of a drug that has been
allowed to masquerade as a health food. "You can't tell me a horse is a cow,"
said Frank Wickham, recently retired executive director of the Ohio State Board
of Pharmacy. "Ephedrine is a drug regardless of what they say."

Ellis and his company have played politics -- at both the state and federal
levels -- the old-fashioned way. One of the industry's strongest supporters is
Ellis's hometown congressman, Rep. Brian P. Bilbray (R-Calif.). Metabolife
officials and distributors donated $26,000 to Bilbray's last campaign -- 2 1/2
times more than he received from employees of any other company, according to
federal election records analyzed by the Center for Responsive Politics. Ellis
and a partner, who also has a methamphetamine conviction, donated $10,000 to
Texas Gov. George W. Bush last year at a time when state regulators were
rejecting tough proposed restrictions on ephedrine products.

Ellis declined to discuss his criminal record, and the records are now sealed.
But he is vocal in defending his product as a natural herb that helps millions.
"Every herb on the market the">food and Drug Administration says is dangerous,"
he said.

He said Metabolife has never been sued by a customer and has received no
reports of serious health problems from its users. He cites independent studies
to back up his claims that Metabolife 356 is safe and effective.

But two of the studies were done on animals, just the first step in testing
safety for humans. And Vanderbilt University Medical Center denounced a
Metabolife contractor's use of its name in touting a two-week efficacy study as
proof the product was safe. Last month, a summary of a Columbia University
study, of 48 overweight people over eight weeks, found Metabolife effective for
weight-loss, but added a caveat: "Safety for long-term use requires further

Steven B. Heymsfield, a Columbia physician who also has studied new
prescription-only weight loss {*filter*}, called his Metabolite study "exploratory,"
and said Ellis is funding part of a longer term safety study. Heymsfield said
he "wouldn't hesitate" to recommend a patient trying Metabolife as long as he
knew the patient didn't suffer from high {*filter*} pressure, heart disease or other
maladies mentioned in the warning label.

Critics, who sometimes call ephedrine "legal speed," worry that people assume
"all-natural" supplements are healthy and take them without a doctor's advice
or knowledge.

In 1988, methamphetamine's popularity as a street drug known as "speed" or
"crank" and controlled by outlaw motorcycle gangs gained the attention of
Congress and of two California boyhood friends, Michael Ellis and Michael
Blevins. That fall, DEA convinced Congress that it needed new powers to control
ephedrine and other precursor chemicals used to make meth. Ephedrine is so
close to methamphetamine chemically that there is only one atom of difference
in their molecular structures.

Around that time, Ellis, a 35-year-old former police officer, joined with
Blevins and another man to produce a batch of methamphetamine, for which Ellis
received $17,000, according to court documents that The Washington Post
obtained before they were removed from public view. Someone tipped off the FBI
and the men also were caught up in a DEA sting operation that employed video
cameras in a phony chemical-supply house called Triple Neck Scientific.

They were among 100 individuals indicted in San Diego in early 1989. Ellis, who
had no previous criminal record, pleaded guilty to one count of using a
telephone to further a drug deal and was sentenced to five years probation.
Blevins and the other defendant got 5 1/2 years in prison.

The conviction did not prevent Ellis's entry into the diet supplement business.
By 1992, he and a partner, W. Robert Bradley, had started a company to market
an herbal product as an energy boost for weightlifters. It contained ephedrine
and caffeine. Ellis said he developed the formula for his father, who was dying
of cancer.

In 1995, Ellis started Metabolife International, adapting the earlier formula
to make Metabolife 356. This time, he marketed the product primarily for weight
loss. Ellis successfully sought an early end to his probation so that he could
travel freely to build business, court records show.

"No one knows the products or the deal better than Mr. Ellis," Ellis's partner,
Bradley, wrote the judge.

Ellis said he wasn't aware of the legal problems then facing his manufacturer,
Chemins Co. of Colorado Springs. Texas regulators sued Chemins for adding
synthetic ephedrine and caffeine to an "all-natural" herbal supplement, Formula
One, which was sold by another company. Chemins paid $155,000 to settle.

Meanwhile, DEA agents recovered 850 pounds of ephedrine in Chemins's barrels
buried in the Rockies -- along with methamphetamine, {*filter*}, {*filter*} and seven
semiautomatic weapons. Two Chemins employees were convicted of diverting the
ephedrine powder to drug traffickers.

The company said the ephedrine was stolen and the arrested employees said their
bosses weren't aware of the illegal diversion.

When Blevins got out of prison in 1996, he got permission to join Ellis at
Metabolife. Blevins, who Ellis said has retired from the company, could not be
reached for comment.

The 1994 diet supplement law that weakened FDA oversight of the herbal industry ...

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Mon, 12 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT
 Metabolife 356
       There are no magic diet pills. Metabolife is speed no matter how
you look at it. If that's the route you wanna go why not just buy
{*filter*}. You are fooling yourself if you think that All your ails can be
cured with a fix it pill. If this were so,why are we a countty of
overweight/underactive people???
        Don't cheat yourself,dont risk the possible dangers. Trust me,
the people that taunt this as an all natural and safe way to lose weight
are either making money from it or desperately trying to beleve it will
work. Ya' know why they are getting rich off this stuff? Because if you
quit, the weight will come back.If you do't believe ephedra is {*filter*}ive
you are nuts. I kniow people who have gotten {*filter*}ed to sudafed.
           Eat right and exercise people. Make that your mantra. Good
food, move every  single day.  Live. it is just that simple.

Fri, 16 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT
 Metabolife 356


>Date: Mon, May 31, 1999 21:55 EDT
>There are no magic diet pills.

Who said there were?

>Metabolife is speed no matter how
>you look at it.

Not if the speed you're refering to is methamphetamine.

>If that's the route you wanna go why not just buy

{*filter*} HCL wouldn't enhance lipolysis to the same degree.

>You are fooling yourself if you think that All your ails can be
>cured with a fix it pill. If this were so,why are we a countty of
>overweight/underactive people???

Eating habits.  Exercise habits.  Lack of a magic diet pill:-)

A Sig:
All you ever wanted to know about ECA:
All you ever wanted to know about anabolic/androgenic steroids:

Sat, 17 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT
 Metabolife 356
               You are entitled to your opinion,of course my heart loves
me more than yours must. Feed your body life !  You know the truth. It's
out there and not on a sight designed to sell products baby.

Sun, 18 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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