Need information about lactose intolerance 
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 Need information about lactose intolerance


        We've recently discovered that our three-year old daughter is
lactose intolerant.  We're trying to find information about the
following things:

        1) what percentage (or grams, whatever) lactose is in various

        2) How healthy are the various lactose-free (or removed, etc.)
milk products, and the various tablets/drops/etc. to remove/neutralize

        3) Where can we get more information?

        thanks very much in advance,  (email replies appreciated since
it's sometimes difficult for me to get to our news machine)

        --chris sterritt

Sat, 02 Sep 1995 00:35:42 GMT
 Need information about lactose intolerance
        My husband doesn't tolerate any product containing lactose.  For last year we are
byuing the 99% lactose reduced milk.  I would appreciate any information about this
product, the health risks (if there are any) related to its intake.

                                        Thank you very much,

Sat, 02 Sep 1995 09:26:08 GMT
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