the skin, sunburned skin, and topical treatments 
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 the skin, sunburned skin, and topical treatments


I need some information. I have repeatedly (about once per year)
caused my skin to have an allergic reaction that seems to be quite
extreme. I will appply a topical substance (cream, lotion) to the
burned skin when it becomes itchy after, for example, showering.
When applied to unburned, normal skin I would not have such a
reaction. The reaction is very intense, It feels like every nerve
ending in my skin is stinging, itching, burning, and tearing,
simultaneously. It is an awful feeling that makes me want to scream!

I don't want this to happen again. It is too unbearable. What sorts of
things do I need to look for regarding chemical ingredients and that
which I put on my burned skin? Are there any "natural" ingredients
that I could use to obtain relief. I must find something that agrees
with me because I will undoubtedly forget to use sunscreen again.
Experiences like these make me remember the screen 99% of the time.

Please... does anyone have similar experiences or know what I should
look into?


dk smith

ps: The last time this happened I took some Benadryl, orally. This
along with sticking out the pain (it will go away after 1 or 2 of
hours of pain) seemed to help get the controlling the symptoms.



Sun, 08 Dec 1996 02:39:43 GMT
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