Trying to GAIN gain weight please help !!!! 
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 Trying to GAIN gain weight please help !!!!

Try Daniel Chapter One   http://www.***.com/ .  Jim is a bio
molecular chemist and provides products that he has used with professional
athletes like Iron Man winner and NY Jets players who need to gain not just fat,
but muscle.  Maybe he can help.  It's worth a try.  He has a radio show that you
can call with your particular questions.  Jim has lots of experience as Olympic
nutritional programer & has worked with the U.S. Navy on nutritional programs.
It's worth a try.  At least you can check out the site.  He has worked also with
children who had very difficult time gaining weight.  It's not just a matter of
adding more calories but supplying your body with something it's obviously
missing.  Check it out for yourself.

> [snip]
> > ill spare you my details, but im desparate to gain weight. im
> > about 60 pounds below what im supposed to be for my height.
> > just trying to eat lots and lots obviously hasnt worked. i guess
> > think of it as the equivalent of telling a fat person to just
> > stop eating. same as telling a skinny person to eat a lot more.

> This really sounds like not so much a nutritional issues as much as a
> medical/physiological/psychiatric type of problem.   Really, find doctors
> who can help you and get to the bottom of this.

> > my one big major hope are these 'vegetable oils'.
> > like olive oil / corn oil etc. the stuff you pour on your pan
> [snip]
> > i plan on just swallowing a lot of this stuff.

> > what is the downside to doing this?

> There's more to gaining weight than just eating!  Do you want to gain muscle
> or just fat?  Depending upon physiological issues, I'd think weight lifting

> of some help.  Hopefully your appetite would also go up with exercise.
> Also, while too many carbs are probably at the heart of most of America's
> obesity, in your case they'd be required.  Spike your insulin! (Well, maybe
> not too much, but the point is you need to convince your body to store
> energy.)

> >this may sound crazy to you
> > but if there is no health downside and it will make me gain
> > weight, im willling to just swallow as much of this stuff as i
> > can a day. maybe 20 tablespoons for example. that would be 2400
> > cals!

> The question is whether you will be able to digest that much, or if it will
> just 'pass through' (hey, the good point is you may never need a laxative!)
> A way to eat more fat, but also include carbs and protein, is to eat nuts.
> Some are expensive, but others, like peanuts and small almonds aren't too
> costly.

Fri, 29 Nov 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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