metabolife 356, 34.95/bottle best dietary aid around 
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 metabolife 356, 34.95/bottle best dietary aid around

Metabolife is an easy and safe way to lose weight.  There are no foods that
need to be  avoided, no calories to count, no label reading required.  In fact,
Metabolife isn't a diet at all.  It is an all herbal tablet that when taken two
to three times a day an hour before meals, will raise your metabolism and
suppress your hunger so you will eat less and burn away fat.  Metabolife is so
sure that this program works that they offer a 30 day UNCONDITIONAL MONEY BACK
GUARANTEE.  So try Metabolife today.  With the money back guarantee, what do
you have to lose except pounds and inches?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or Distributorship opportunities, visit our
website by   clicking here or go to

Metabolife    90 tablet bottle          $34.95  (INCLUDES TAX)
(1 bottle is approximately a  30 - 45 day supply)

Order Form
Please print out this form, fill it out and mail it to the address below.  Most
orders will be shipped within 2-3 days.

QUANTITY: ______Metabolife 356?  EACH 90 tablet bottle is $36.95 (INCLUDES TAX)

Please select your payment method:
____ Money Order____ Check (Please allow an additional 5 days for checks to
clear unless order was faxed.)

Full Name: __________________________________________
Email Address: ______________________________________
Street Address: ______________________________________
Apartment #: ______________ City:_______________________________
State/Province: _________________________
Zip Code: ___________________ Country:______________________________

Shipping & Handling - FREE IN USA
Residents of Canada and Mexico please add $3.00 per bottle shipping, all other
countries add $5.00 per bottle.
Product cost........................$ _____________
S & H costs ........................$ _____________
Total Amount Enclosed.........$______________

Please send completed order form and payment to:

Elite Services
7782 Rippling Ridge Ct
Gurnee, IL 60031

To submit you order via fax, print out the above order form, and fax it along
with your check to (847) 223-7115, then drop it in the mail.  This will enable
us to have your order ready to ship upon receipt of payment.

U.S. Funds only , Please make all checks and money orders payable to: Elite
Services. Elite Services is an independent distributor for Metabolife

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