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Fri, 19 Jun 1992 00:00:00 GMT


> Health & Coffee Research - It would be interesting to uncover the reasons why
> there is relatively little research on the beneficial health effects of
> coffee.

> Research on the positive health effects of tea and red wine is well-supported.

I'm sorry, but I disagree with your statement that research on the
"positive health effects of ... red wine is well-supported." Please feel
free to correct me if you feel I am a long way off the mark, but the
studies of red wine/health have been nothing short of appalling, in my
opinion, in their poor methodology (including some pretty large leaps of
logic in their analyses).

Lets take for example the often quoted studies in the use of red wine by
rural French-persons (very politically correct). One study looked at
levels of health, specifically heart disease, and consumption of red
wine. What the researchers didn't take into account was lifestyle. I am
still in awe at how experienced researchers could have ignored a factor
such as the fact that those in the healthier range had regular exercise
- walking. From personal experience I have noticed just how much walking
Europeans do in comparison to Australians and North Americans. This
factor, a moderate level of physical activity, is strongly correlated
with lower rates of coronary disease, and should not have been missed.

This goes to other studies that show moderate drinkers, 1-2 glasses of
beer or wine a day, live longer than non-drinkers. This doesn't
necessarily mean that the drinking is good for you. Perhaps the moderate
drinkers in the studies live a moderate lifestyle, eating, exercising,
and drinking in moderation. Perhaps the key is moderation, not drinking.

As for tea and coffee, I have little knowledge of studies in this area,
but I would question whether the health benefits of high consumption
outweigh the potential deliterious effects of the chemical compounds
found in them.

I was advised by two doctors and a natural therapist when I tore my
hamstring a short ime ago that drinking coffee would aid recovery, but I
don't where they got that information from.

Larry Cashion
Port Macquarie, AUSTRALIA

Fri, 25 Aug 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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