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 ethics and food - advert.html [01/01]

A sample from Geoff's page of opinionated regashed dogma.

"The abuse, exploitation and killing of animals is a serious matter. We
need to do all we can to bring it to an end for humanities' sake as much
as the animals. All will
benefit from non-{*filter*}. Cosmic Justice exists. It is currently in
human law a crime for a man to shoot his own dog, or to abuse the
animals under his care, yet
every day cows, sheep lambs, chickens and fish are killed with impunity.
Then there is seal hunting, whale hunting, tuna fishing, killing of dogs
and cats in some
societies, fur trading and scientific experiments of animals, etc etc.
Human law evidently discriminates between animals for the sake of
profit, health, pleasure and
convenience, and so does not do justice to many animals.

But Cosmic law does not discriminate."


This is a newsgroup on nutrition, not karma. Using the words of "great
poets" and "political activists" won't get you very far here. I went to
your page and read it. It looks to me like you've just stuck a whole lot
of 'animal liberationist' doctrine together and called it a Home Page. I
thought it was weak and ill thought. You didn't even have anything
interestingly controversial.

More importantly, I don't think I'll be remembering it while I'm eating
my corned-beef samdwich at lunch time.

Larry Cashion
Port Macquarie, AUSTRALIA

Fri, 25 Aug 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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