Nurse midwifery and non-nurse midwifery---WHO defines midwife 
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 Nurse midwifery and non-nurse midwifery---WHO defines midwife

World Health Organization
definition of midwife

"A midwife is a person who is qualified to practice midwifery. A midwife
is trained to give the necessary care and advice to women during pregnancy,
labor and the postnatal period, to conduct normal deliveries on her own
responsibility, and to care for the newly born infant as well as having
training in gynecology and child care. At all times a midwife must be able
to recognize the warning signs of abonormal or potentially abnormal
conditions which necessitate referral to a doctor, and to carry out
emergency measures in the absence of medical help. A midwife may practice
in hospitals, health units or domiciliary services. In any of these
situations, a midwife has an important task in health education with the
family and community."

endorsed by
International Confederation of Midwives
International Association of Obsetrics and Gynecology
Midwives Alliance of North America

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