Educational software for Ob-Gyn 
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 Educational software for Ob-Gyn


>The Ob-Gyn group at the Otago Medical School (New Zealand) are interested
>in adding more Computer Assisted Learning materials to their curriculum.
>Before we start coding, we'd like to get an idea of what is already available
>in this area. I would very much appreciate receiving any opinions/reviews/
>references/web sites etc. for relevant material, commercial or non-commercial.

Last June at the Slice of Life (medical education software) conference, I
saw a demonstration of a really nice looking program from Sweden. The
module demonstrated was "Dysmenorrhea". I don't know how many other modules
they have. The contact person is:

Ingemar Joelsson
Scientific Multimedia and Communication AB
Box 464
S-90109 Umea

Hope this helps,


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