Medical/Laboratory Equipment Sales Leads 
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 Medical/Laboratory Equipment Sales Leads

Medical EquipNet(tm) is a medical equipment emarketplace for buyers and
sellers of new, used, refurbished, and surplus medical equipment. We
provide a forum for buyers and sellers to make direct contact and to
communicate more efficiently. We offer the following services for
promoting your web site, business, and products via
Medical EquipNet(tm)'s web site at http://www.***.com/ :
* Online Classifieds - http://www.***.com/
* Online Auctions - http://www.***.com/
* Online Web Site Builder - http://www.***.com/
* Web Site Marketing - http://www.***.com/

Over 4.5 million hits to date and in the top 3.5% of

Read testimonials like this at http://www.***.com/ :

"Medical EquipNet?'s Classified Advertising Service is great. I got 15
calls for an EMG machine I sold using your service. I'll be sure to
contact Medical EquipNet? when I have more equipment to sell!"
                     Medical EquipNet(tm)

Premier Medical Equipment eMarketplace for Int'l Trade

Wed, 23 Jul 2003 04:01:59 GMT
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