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 LIS, RIS, HIS vendors / developers

Trying post second time. Failed except for local news server first time.
That's why just a few of you will see this post a second time.

Sorry to take advantage of this news group, but I feel this is the best way
to reach the largest group of companies and save 26 hospitals from
perhaps having their current LIS/RIS systems unsupported. My company
is just too small a company to continue to compete as hospitals make
group buying decisions, and I have not been able to raise the capital
to do a major expansion of my own development and marketing efforts.

So on my clients behalf, (and yes, me too), I am looking to bring them along
with me to another company ( or maybe you just want the clients in the long
term ). My company is Rel.db Software. Most of you never heard of it - but
some of you may remember the licorice at those Canadian lab tech conferences
and western Canadian lab tech and radiology conferences.

Maybe you don't want my clients, but can use me in your organization as an
applications designer / developer and/or implementation specialist and/or
salesman or other role. Maybe someone else wants my clients but not me.

Here is the 14 line version of my resume. My full resume and further info
about my software products and clients available upon request via e-mail.

- 17 years database applications development work, last 9 in health care
  running my own small company.
- Developed two database LIS systems, one VAX Ingres microbiology system
  in use 7 years, one DOS Foxpro LIS system, in use at sites last 4 years.
- Developed an RIS system in DOS Foxpro, in use at sites last 3 years.
- Developed a VAX Ingres purchasing system, in use 6 years.
- Experience writing instrumentation interfaces, HL7 interfaces, and other
- Just finished new data model for multi-site ADT system.
- Considerable custom procedure costing and utilization work last 9 yrs,
  and even wrote some non-health care systems too.
- Excellent communicator too - lots of user liaison experience.
- Willing to relocate under the right circumstances.
- Lots of good references if you need to here all this from someone else.

So I am interested in hearing what opportunities / solutions are out there.
Looking to move to a firm doing or about to do 32-bit GUI HIS database

pager 403-661-8940  home 403-275-5590

Fri, 13 Oct 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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