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 gluten intolerance [Ken Woodruff]

> Several years ago, after suffering dramatic weight loss and malnutrition I was
> diagnosed to be allergic to the gluten protein in most grains (wheat, rye,
> barley, oats)... just about everything except rice and corn. Since eliminating
> them from my diet, I have completely recovered. My question is, does anyone out

> there know the root cause of this allergy? Is it OK to try foods containing
> gluten again or would I be certain to suffer the same reaction again?

Sounds like {*filter*}-onset Coeliac Disease. You could try taking Gluten again
and then either waiting to see whether you get an effect or follow the
challenge up with a {*filter*} test for anti-gliadin antibodies (even better would
be to take a {*filter*} test, do the wheat challenge for a few days, then after
about 7 days repeat the {*filter*} test and see if the titre of antibodies has

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Fri, 25 Apr 1997 01:37:21 GMT
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