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 Help Dr. Burrascano and Dr. Horowitz

This letter is from my wife, Karen Rose (everyone calls her "Rose"), in
support of Dr. Burrascano and Dr. Horowitz. Rose is the one who was
diagnosed and treated for Lyme first, and was the only one that managed
to educate me, and cared enough to "make" me get tested. Most of what
you see on my web site is a result of her four+ years of research.

James, in Texas, where we too, have no Lyme


The latest {*filter*} in the war against world-renowned Lyme-treating
physicians and researchers is a carefully crafted subterfuge to deny
the millions of Lyme disease sufferers the proper treatment regimens
for this devastating disease. This war is being waged by the corrupt
insurance industry that is doing whatever it takes to not reimburse
beneficiaries for the appropriate care. The insurance industry uses the
voices of self-serving "doctors" who have abandoned their medical
ethics to become paid insurance consultants and academic physicians
seeking to become recipients of lucrative research grant monies. These
greedy physicians couldnt care less about the growing numbers of
persons suffering from the increasingly disabling effects of this
debilitating disease.

Dr. Burrascanos demise would be a major victory to these
unconscionable predators since he is one of the most prominent,
respected, and credible target. Dr. Horowitz is also under the gun.
Their years of pioneering effort, research, and collective knowledge,
plus Dr. Burrascanos respected publication on Lyme in 1997 Conns
Current Therapy set the current standard treatment guidelines that
knowledgeable Lyme-literate Doctors (LLMDs) follow, and from which
millions of Lyme patients benefit. If they fall, we all fall.

Insurance companies then will have far less incentive to approve
necessary treatment, we all will debilitate further, and new cases will
go undiagnosed and untreated if his treatment methodologies are
discredited. The numbers of people forced into needless disability will
increase. Our own LLMDs will be next, and we will be left helpless to
wither and die.

Please step up to the challenge and prevent this travesty. Stop this
unwarranted persecution. Do the research. Listen to the stories of the
Lyme patients that have been immensely helped by Dr. Burrascanos
treatment protocols and Dr. Horowitzs pioneering efforts. Prosecute
Steere for medical malpractice. Read Polly Murrays book, "The Widening
Circle" and the letters from people who were abandoned by Steere. He is
not ignorant of the condition or the treatments needed. He is simply
greedy and uncompassionate. He could have changed the course of
treatment for this disease long ago, but chose otherwise.

Dr. Steere did the initial research on the mysterious ailments
afflicting hundreds of patients in the Lyme, Connecticut area (hence,
the name Lyme disease.) He turned his back on them, and stuck a knife
in the rest of our hearts without remorse, returning year after year
for more research handouts and more personal notoriety. He is a cancer
to the medical profession and should be excised before he does more
harm to the helpless masses in need of early intervention or long-term

If any LLMDs license is revoked or otherwise restricted, treatment for
all Lyme patients will cease because there will be no accepted
reference point. We will revert back 15+ years to Dr. Steeres
inadequate, obsolete, outmoded, and sometimes dangerous beliefs. (His
research only covered the arthritis-like manifestations, and does not
touch what is now known about Lyme.) We will have no more doctors
willing to treat Lyme patients and risk their own practices. LLMDs are
already shrinking away from us and closing their doors because they are
aware of this increasing trend of persecution and they know they are on
a short list. They dare not speak out against the egregious business
practices of insurance companies. They dare not speak in support of
fellow physicians. They dare not advocate for more aggressive treatment
for their patients. They dare not call attention to themselves.

Lyme patients live in fear of the future. We lament our diminishing
quality of life and rail against each denial of access to appropriate
treatment as mandated by HMOs, benefit coordinators, and insurance
clerks. We already have had to become our own patient advocates and
fight our insurance companies for every dime of treatment. We use the
current peer-reviewed medical research to support our position.
Sometimes we succeed; most times we dont. Much of this irrefutable
information originates from Dr. Burrascanos invaluable publications.
It will be a major victory for the corrupt insurance industry and these
greedy physicians like Dr. Steere if LLMDs are annihilated by these
forces. Who would step in to take up the cause? No one.

Lyme disease is the second fastest growing infectious disease in the
U.S. next to AIDS and the number one disabling disease. We do not die
as fast as AIDS patients and, unlike cancer, Lyme cannot be cured once
it reaches Stage 2. Therefore, we are a tremendous financial burden to
the cost-conscious insurance industry. However, without proper
treatment, we become a bigger burden to society at large as a result of
disability and lost productivity. The cost for our care will just be
shuffled elsewhere, but the insurance companies are off the hook, and
Dr. Steere and his cronies continue to line their own pockets with
research dollars at our expense.

Although I was officially diagnosed in 1995 with Lyme (and have been
100% disabled since that time), I have suffered from the devastating
effects of this disease for over 40 years. My own confusing medical
odyssey began abruptly in 5th grade during my first summer camp
experience in the Southern California mountains. I spent a lifetime
being dragged from doctor to doctor, referred from specialist to
specialist, accumulating one confusing and sometimes conflicting
diagnosis after another, taking one medication after another. No one
could explain my chronic headaches, sensitivity to sunlight, sudden
learning disabilities, inability to retain subject matter between class
and starting homework, extreme joint and back pain, several surgeries
and weekly treatments for chronic cystitis (now known to be
interstitial cystitis), for which I still receive constant treatment.
Since the age of 19, I have had to visit chiropractors three times a
week just to function. I was diagnosed at 25 with rheumatoid arthritis
and was told I would be totally bed-ridden within a year. When this did
not come about, I was told that I was misdiagnosed. Not until later did
manic depression become the diagnosis du jour to explain the cognitive
dysfunction, severe depression, and wild mood swings that contributed
to the destruction of two marriages. Every late-stage Lyme sufferer
(and LLMD) should recognize that this constellation of symptoms is
typical, and incomplete. Despite my earlier, frustrating learning
disabilities, I managed to become a prominent technical writing
consultant in multiple industries, and have owned & operated two
successful businesses while constantly battling the recurring
symptomology and visiting the doctor treadmill.

It wasnt until March of 1995 that the appropriate testing by an LLMD
determined that all of these disease manifestations were attributable
to Lyme. Not until this diagnosis and initial treatment for Lyme from
an LLMD specializing in neurology did I have a rational explanation for
my irrational medical history, and any hope for improvement in my life.
The referral was for seizures (which I had never previously
experienced), cognitive dysfunction, muscular weakness (I was too young
to be on a cane), chronic fatigue, and a frighteningly rapid onset of
inability to read and write. I completely lost reading and writing
capabilities for six months, and almost lost my speech abilities. These
capabilities improved dramatically following IV antibiotic therapy. If
only I had received the correct diagnosis and treatment earlier in my

Unfortunately, I also became a victim of the short-sighted, short-term
antibiotic "school-of-non-thought" protocols for Lyme treatment
embraced by insurance companies, and espoused by the Steere camp. One
28-day course of IV antibiotics, with no possibility of additional
courses of treatment because of insurance-industry discrimination.

Talk about being shown the promised land, and then denied entry! The
importance of allowing LLMDs to treat the patient, not the clock,
cannot be stressed enough. We need more of them, not less. If this
persecution of LLMDs persists, we will have none.

Karen J. Rose

501 Sycamore Lane, #327

Euless, TX 76039

 phone: 817.540.2272
 fax: 817.540.2672

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Mon, 01 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT
 Help Dr. Burrascano and Dr. Horowitz
There is a name that doctors use for doctors who sell out to the insurance
company: {*filter*}s. Insurance {*filter*}s.

Mon, 01 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT
 Help Dr. Burrascano and Dr. Horowitz
Thank you for sharing a very powerful and well written letter.

> This letter is from my wife, Karen Rose (everyone calls her "Rose"), in
> support of Dr. Burrascano and Dr. Horowitz.

Mon, 01 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT
 Help Dr. Burrascano and Dr. Horowitz
karen, i lost my spouse too he was tired of my being sick and tireed as well as
a so called friend who flew to europe while i spent the millenium by myself
watching the different time zones.

Tue, 02 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT
 Help Dr. Burrascano and Dr. Horowitz
Hmm - real {*filter*}s might not want to be associated with medical ones.


> There is a name that doctors use for doctors who sell out to the insurance
> company: {*filter*}s. Insurance {*filter*}s.

Stephen Brand
27 Upper College Road
Kingston, RI  02881
Tel: 401-782-0073

Tue, 02 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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