Help please, ride needed from New Hope,PA to doc in Phillipsburg NJ 
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 Help please, ride needed from New Hope,PA to doc in Phillipsburg NJ

Hi all,
A friend diagnosed with Lyme needs I.V. for 11 weeks but has no
transportation, does not drive.
Is anyone in the New Hope Lahaska,PA area travelling to the Tick Borne
Disease Center in
 Phillipsburg,NJ in the next few months?
Is anyone operating a car pool from New Hope or Lambertville for people too
sick to drive?
My friend has made several contacts for transportation, but has been turned
down every time.
A few friends will offer occasional rides, but no one will commit to several
Anyone else who needs to work out a carpool to Phillipsburg?
Or know of volunteers willing to drive Lyme patients to Phillipsburg and
home again
for several weeks.

Wed, 04 May 2005 08:11:26 GMT
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