Info request on alternatives to antibiotics 
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 Info request on alternatives to antibiotics

I'm looking for info on alternative treatments to antibiotics.  Or other
immune suppressing {*filter*}.  I see no discussion in this news group of
complimentary herbs or vitamins.  Has any one here tried homeopathic
treatments?  What is the nutritionists approach?  What is the experience
with Ozone Therapy or Vitamin drip Therapy?

Here is the most important question What are the statistics of bites to
complete third stage Lyme?  Where would I find such statistics? What
percentage of people never develop Lyme who have developed rash's?  

Yes Lawrence I have read all about silver - I am not interested in any
silver bullet be it antibiotics or nutritional.

                      IMHO - trying my best to ask questions.


Sat, 06 Feb 1999 03:00:00 GMT
 Info request on alternatives to antibiotics

Hi Eric,

I would be happy to share information about the homeopathic and amino
acid-based products I use.  I am now affiliated with the company, but will
sell product at my cost to persons with Lyme who are 'financially
challenged'.  These products have been more beneficial to my health than
the many others I have tried.  The company was written up in the Wall
Street Journal in June, has an excellent rating with the Better Business
Bureau, and provides a 100% money back guarantee on each product.  

There is a Wholesale Buyer's Club ~ no fee required to join ~ which enables
customers to receive a 20-50% percent discount on the price of these same
products when purchased at a health">food store or pharmacy.

I have joined this group to give and receive support about LD, not to make
money from people who are sick and vulnerable.  However, these formulas
have been very beneficial in improving my quality of life, and I am very
much concerned with helping people feel better.

I must add, though, that, IMO, there is no substitute for antibiotics in
treating LD.  At one time we may have had access to natural preparations
containing substances lethal to spirochetes, but not any more.  They are
dangerous to use, and no sense killing the microorganisms if the patient is
killed too.

I made significant health improvements with herbs and other natural
products, but I reached a plateau, and began studying aminos and
homeopathic remedies.  As good as they are, I don't believe they are
sufficient to cure LD.  I've asked several Homeopaths with good
reputations to site one single case of documented LD being cured by
homeopathics alone, and none of them could do it.  I am basically
anti-antibiotics.  I had a choice in December of entrusting my health to a
homeopath who claimed he could cure me or beginning antibiotic therapy,
and I chose the latter.  

If you like, I could refer you to a homeopath on CompuServe, who is a
friend of my friend, a Psychologist, if you prefer to go that route.

Sincerely,  R'nai

Mon, 08 Feb 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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