Protect doctors who treat Lyme disease 
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 Protect doctors who treat Lyme disease

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Thursday, June 12, 2003

Letters to the editor

Protect doctors who treat Lyme disease

It took many months of treatment to be able to function after I had
neurologic Lyme disease. This encephalopathy affected my cognitive functions
to the extent that my reading comprehension was severely impaired.

I had memory loss, severe panic attacks and many other debilitating
symptoms. My only solace was that I had a ''Lyme literate'' doctor who
discovered that I had a secondary tick-borne infection.

It took some years of medical care, brain scans, spinal taps, in addition to
antibiotics and other medications, to get me to where I am today,
functioning both cognitively and otherwise. I will forever be indebted to my

And yet, the state Office of Professional Medical Conduct is targeting for
investigation many Lyme doctors who are treating patients over the long
term. I know patients who, after being treated with the standard three to
four weeks of antibiotics, were told by their conservative doctors not to
come back anymore, even though they were still very sick.

Some of them went on to see Lyme doctors and were found not only to still
have Lyme but also to have other tick-borne infections.

This persecution of doctors by the medical conduct office is endangering the
health of patients with tick-borne illnesses. If you don't have Lyme today,
you may have it tomorrow -- and may be refused treatment.

Please encourage your state senator to pass two bills currently in the
Legislature that will protect these doctors.

Pat Anastation, Poughkeepsie

Copyright ? 2003, Poughkeepsie Journal .

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