ABX for "Tertiary LD" 
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 ABX for "Tertiary LD"

 HELP  I live and was diagnosed 10 years ago in a very Lyme illiterate part of
the country.  I was initially treated with IV Rocephin. 6 weeks was deemed long
enough.  Since then I have moved and have recently (thanks to this NG) pursued
my own treatment with a consulting doctor and educating my family doctor.  The
consulting doctor's protocol is for the beginning stages of borealis infection
(it seems).  I had gone for 9 years without treatment.  The {*filter*}antibiotecs
don't seem to be doing anything to stop my disability.  They just initiate
horrendous herxes.  The original Rocephin completely cleared my my MRI and
seemed to temporarily arrest the disease.  Please E-mail me any suggestions.
Also you can post to the NG.    GRATITUDE,   JRW

Fri, 18 Aug 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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